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Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Android - cannot configure Add-ons - denied permissio

From: cotw
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Android - cannot configure Add-ons - denied permission WRITE_SETTINGS
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2018 17:09:25 +0200

I guess there is going to be a new IceCat soon, as Fennec's last Extended 
Service Release 60 is out. I guess the sync that somehow, anyway forking a 
project like Firefox one can obviously not release in the same speed, unless 
you have a lot of manpower.

In my old phone I had the same problem of the not showing configs for uBlock 
Origin with IceCat in EMUI (Android 4.4). But there uBlock was functional, and 
the configs accessible by toolbar button. And I don't have other add-ons.

As I have a recent Android now, for me it is as good or better, to switch back 
to Firefox. In 4.4. the support for Firefox had been ceased, that's why I was 
attracted to IceCat in the first place. And it served me well for a year.

I installed Firefox 60 and uBlock, everything works perfectly.

Also I don't need or even want LibreJS but much less some add-ons, to make 
LibreJS work on some websites that no single human on my whole continent has 
ever heard of. And the Mozilla phoning home has been only mildly reduced in 
IceCat anyway. In IceCat it was necessary to tweak the prefs.js extensively all 
the same. So the added value to Fennec for me is not so big (if Addons worked).

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