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Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Extension install bug - corrupted extension

From: Goran Radunovic
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Extension install bug - corrupted extension
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2018 11:32:49 +0100
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thanks for the reply. I have not tried it since I do not have the knowledge at the moment (need to look it up) how to extract edit and repack an extension.

However, is this an icecat feature or bug? If it is a feature, it should be stated somewhere - I could not find any mention. This would also help the devs to make more extensions compatible with icecat. Also, is there a way to circumvent this behavior?


On 20. 12. 2018. 22:04, address@hidden wrote:

Extensions without an ID in their manifest do not work with IceCat. Extracting the .xpi file, editing the manifest.json file by adding this block
"gecko": {
    "id": "address@hidden",

and rebuildinng the archive solves the issue.

Unfortunately, I don't know which setting makes IceCat behave this way.

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