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Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Discord's voice chat not working

From: bill-auger
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Discord's voice chat not working
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2019 13:04:41 -0500

you indicated this is due to some recent change? - was it ever the case
in the past that those features of those websites did work with icecat?

those "popular" websites are both proprietary - it is quite likely they
are serving non-free javascript, and supporting only "popular" browsers
with anti-features

"clipboard events", for example, is considered to be an anti-features;
because it allows the javascripts to know exactly what the user copied
or pasted - the "clipboard events" feature of browsers is not actually
required to copy-paste text - if copy-paste does not work on some
website without enabling the "clipboard events" feature, that is only
because that website insists on it happening only in that way

that is perhaps, not the answer to the OP, but for perspective of the
big picture, consider this:

you are correct that some people may decide not to use a free software
web-browser if it interferes with their ability to enjoy some non-free
web-sites with anti-features

other people may decide to avoid such web-sites that do not work well
with their free software, privacy respecting, web-browsers

even if this were an unintended behavior of icecat, in the "big
picture", there is really no flaw described here - it is just a matter
of opinion, and GNU would/should prefer to encourage people to adopt the
latter opinion

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