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[Bug-gnuzilla] My own IceCat 60.7.0 builds for Stretch, Jessie and Trisq

From: Dominic Walden
Subject: [Bug-gnuzilla] My own IceCat 60.7.0 builds for Stretch, Jessie and Trisquel 8
Date: Wed, 29 May 2019 13:14:44 +0100
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Hi all,

I've just compiled IceCat 60.7.0 for Debian Stretch, Jessie and Trisquel
8. I thought I would share them.

For Stretch and Trisquel, I ran the makeicecat script as per usual, then
compiled the binary on the respective environments.



Source (for both):

For Jessie, because I don't think the Firefox Quantum source from
Mozilla will compile, I got the source from Debian Jessie repo (apt-get
source firefox-esr), then ran the makeicecat script against that (with
minor modifications).

Jessie binary:

Jessie source:

For Jessie, I don't think I modified the makeicecat script quite
correctly, so a few places it still has "60.6.3". I don't think this
should matter (the code should all be from 60.7.0). I may make a
corrected version when I get some time.

There are a few new extensions compared to the last version of IceCat,
for example "ViewTube". I cannot speak for them, I have not used them
yet. Do research them yourself.

I did not check all the extensions were the very latest. I think they
are pretty up-to-date.

I have been using the Stretch build on my own computer for the last
couple of days and I am quite happy with it. I only briefly tried out
the Trisquel and Jessie builds on the same VMs I built them on.

Only available for x86_64 at the moment, as that is what I use. I might
be able to compile other architectures if there is demand and I have

Let me know what you think, report bugs, etc. If this is useful, I may
do it more often.



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