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Re: webauthn support?

From: Chris Marusich
Subject: Re: webauthn support?
Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2019 16:27:49 -0800
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Jack Hill <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi IceCat folks,
> What's the status of webauthn support? When using firefox esr 68 on
> Debian or ungoogled-chromium on GNU Guix, sites that use webauthn seem
> to work: the led color changes on my usb token, I press the button,
> and the webauthn exchange happens. However using icecat
> 68.2.0-guix0-preview1 (thanks Mark!), the led on my token never
> changes color and sites either report that step to have failed or say
> it is not supported by my browser.

I noticed a similar problem a few months ago.  It's still an issue.  I
looked into it at the time, but I never found a smoking gun.  I may very
well have missed something.  My hope is that by upgrading IceCat to a
later ESR release, the issue will go away.

If you have a simple set of steps to reproduce the behavior, that would
be helpful.  I never found the time to create a simple reproduction case
for the issue I observed, which is why I never reported it.


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