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Re: sumofus.org extension broken / replacement extension

From: Johannes Marbach
Subject: Re: sumofus.org extension broken / replacement extension
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2019 21:12:09 +0100

Hi Mark,

Mark H Weaver wrote:
> Thanks *very* much for this, and I'm sorry that no one has responded to
> your contribution before now.  Regrettably, I'm so overloaded at present
> with other urgent matters that it may be another few weeks before I can
> properly evaluate it, but if no one else beats me to it, I will
> certainly do so.

Thanks a lot and really no reason to be sorry. My main goal was to raise
the fact that the bundled extension was broken. I would have tried to
patch it but there didn't seem to be any code repository for it sadly. I
realize that evaluating my own extension is not a high priority but also
anyone who wants to can just get it from AMO so I'm not trying to push
this at all. Maybe as an intermediate quick fix the broken one could be
disabled in the Guix IceCat preview?


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