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Re: IceCat: HTTPS Every-where becomes HTTPS No-where :-P

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Re: IceCat: HTTPS Every-where becomes HTTPS No-where :-P
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2019 21:56:11 -0500

Hi Raghav,

> P.S. Mark, please don't feel pressured. I am just sumbmitting the issue
> for awareness and tracking. :-)

I appreciate these reports, thank you!

> I was using 'HTTPS Everywhere' add-on, with enabled https-only rule.
> After v68 upgrade, the icon disappears from the tool bar and https-only
> rule was not in effect as the browser connects to http sites without
> warning. But the thing is, under 'extensions' of browser settings, the
> add-on is there and shows as enabled. Then when I disable and re-enable
> the add-on, the icon appears and https-only rule becomes in effect.
> Everytime I restart the browser, the above situation happens all over
> again.

Thank you for this.  There are definitely some problems with extensions
in the unofficial IceCat preview.  I've also noticed behavior that's
consistent with what you've described above, and not only with HTTPS
Everywhere.  At one point I noticed that although I had LibreJS
installed and enabled, its icon was no longer visible in the navigation
bar, and nonfree JavaScript was being run.

Obviously these are very severe problems, and I will look into them as
soon as I can.  Unfortunately, due to other urgent matters occupying my
attention, it will be at least a week, and possibly two, before I can

If anyone is able to investigate these issues in the meantime, I would
be grateful.  Proposed fixes would of course be ideal, but sharing any
observations or proposals that might move the process along would be
most welcome.


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