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Re: IceCat-68.2.0-guix0-preview2 now available via GNU Guix

From: Johannes Marbach
Subject: Re: IceCat-68.2.0-guix0-preview2 now available via GNU Guix
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2019 21:47:41 +0100

Hi Mark,

Johannes Marbach wrote:
> One thing I noticed when downloading other extensions from
> addons.mozilla.org is that they have a cose.manifest and a cose.sig file
> in the META-INF folder. These seem to not be present in the extensions
> bundled with IceCat. I'm not sure how the copies that are bundled with
> the IceCat source were acquired but maybe they have to be redownloaded
> from Mozilla to get the latest signature variant?

Picking up on my own quote here, I noticed that these "cose" files are
deleted in the script that fetches the extensions

    find extensions -name cose.manifest -delete
    find extensions -name cose.sig -delete

There's probably been a good reason for this at some point but given
that there are signature issues in the 68 preview, maybe this could be

Looking at that script some more, I also noticed that it already has
fallbacks for extensions that don't define an explicit ID in their
manifest. However, these fallback IDs are only used for the directory
and file name:

    if [ -f /tmp/update-extension/manifest.json ]; then
      ID=$(grep '"id":' /tmp/update-extension/manifest.json |head
-n1|cut -d \" -f 4)
    [ $extension = "tortm-browser-button" ] &&
    [ $extension = "use-google-drive-with-librejs" ] &&
    [ -z $ID ] && ID=$extension"@extension"
    rm -rf extensions/$ID
    mv /tmp/update-extension extensions/$ID

I wonder if maybe we could add these to the manifest as well to try and
fix the issue of ID-less extensions (such as
tortm-browser-button@jeremybenthum) not showing up in IceCat?


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