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bug#40173: libgen.me browser extension

From: Antonio Trande
Subject: bug#40173: libgen.me browser extension
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2020 12:47:08 +0100
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Thank you Johannes.

I'm updating my gitlab project.

On 21/03/20 20:51, Johannes Marbach wrote:
> Unfortunately, Mozilla has recently disabled the extension based on
> alleged copyright infringements against LibGen itself (full message at
> the bottom). Can someone please remove the extension from the 68 branch
> of IceCat as well?
> Thanks
> Johannes
> Original message from Mozilla:
> Dear contributor,

> We received a notification under Mozilla’s Digital Millennium Copyright
> Act (“DMCA”) and Trademark policy
> (https://www.mozilla.org/about/legal/report-infringement/) complaining
> of allegedly infringing activity by you on our service at
> https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/librifyjs-libgen-me. We
> have removed or disabled access to your add-on identified by the
> claimant as infringing the claimant's copyright.
> The notice included the following report:
> From DeVore & DeMarco LLP:
> We are litigation counsel for Elsevier Inc., a leading publisher of
> scientific, engineering, and medical books and journals. Elsevier
> provides , among other things, the ScienceDirect platform, through which
> it distributes scientific journal articles in which it holds the
> copyright. In order to protect its copyright interest in those articles,
> Elsevier brought a civil action against a number of websites commonly
> known as "Sci-Hub" and "LibGen" or "Library Genesis" and their
> respective mirrors which engage in the large-scale infringement of those
> copyrights. On June 21, 2017, Elsevier obtained a judgement against
> those websites which, among other things, enjoined the websites, their
> operators, and anyone acting in concert with them, from infringing
> Elsevier' s copyrighted works or assisting others in doing so.
> We write to inform you of the presence of a number of add-ons for the
> Firefox web browser which are designed specifically to assist their
> users in infringing Elsevier 's (and other publisher') copyrights
> through the websites operated by the defendants in the above-mentioned
> civil action. We request that these extensions be removed from the
> Firefox Browser Add-Ons website (addons.mozilla.org) because they (1)
> violate the DMCA, including Section 1201 (circumvention of copyright
> protection systems); (2) operate in concert with the defendants in the
> above-mentioned civil action to violate Elsevier's copyrights in
> violation of the court 's order enjoining such conduct; and (3) are
> manifestly in violation of Mozilla's Conditions of Use
> (https://www.mozilla.om:/enUS/about/legal /acceptable-useD which
> expressly prohibit, among other things, illegal content and content
> which violates the copyright or other intellectual property rights of
> others. We therefore request that the following add-ons be promptly removed.
> ...
> • LibrifyJS: Libgen.me
> o https :// addons.mozi l la.erg/ en-US/firefox/addon/li brifvj s-libgen-me
> o Published by "h3nn3s"
> o Last updated Nov. 7, 2019
> o Javascript fix for the Libgen.me site
> ....

If you believe your content was removed or disabled as a result of a
> mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled
> (e.g., you have permission to post it or you believe it is a fair use),
> you may submit a counter notification to us at address@hidden.
> We refer you to our DMCA and Trademark policy page at
> https://www.mozilla.org/about/legal/report-infringement/ for the
> requirements for a valid counter notification and more information.
We remind you of our repeat infringer termination policy. Under our
> policy, we may terminate, at our discretion, a user’s account if under
> appropriate circumstances they are determined to be a repeat infringer.

> Sincerely,
Mozilla Legal Team

> On 11/8/19 8:03 PM, Johannes Marbach wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> This might not be the best place to post this but in lack of awareness
>> of other options: I recently put together a browser extension for making
>> the libgen.me website work in IceCat with LibreJS enabled. I didn't
>> spend much time on polishing the UI but functionally search, item
>> details and item link list work - at least in my testing.
>> If anyone is interested in using or contributing to this, you can find
>> the extension on AMO:
>> https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/librifyjs-libgen-me
>> and the code on GitLab:
>> https://gitlab.com/cherrypicker/librifyjs---libgen.me
>> Best,
>> Johannes

Antonio Trande
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