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bug#40973: Icecat in linux package manager

From: bill-auger
Subject: bug#40973: Icecat in linux package manager
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2020 22:36:53 -0400

this, just to clarify Amin's reply, pedantically - it is
important to note that there is no: "the linux package manager"
- every distro strain has it's own package manager and packages;
which are maintained by that distro and generally usable only
with that package manager - in this context, "linux" is but one
package among thousands - it is usually moot helpful to refer
to your operating system by it's formal name, such as arch,
debian, ubuntu, fedora, suse, etc

most of the FSF-approved distros have icecat already; so the
simplest solution, is to use one of the FSF-approved distros,
instead of the one you are using now - for other distros, it is
upon users to request to their distro maintainers, that icecat
be packaged - in the case of the mint->ubuntu->debian strain,
there is a packaging request open for several years; but it has
yet to be accepted into debian - AFAIK, fedora is the only distro
which is not FSF-approved, which has an icecat package for their

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