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bug#41054: Breaking up makeicecat into functions

From: R Moog
Subject: bug#41054: Breaking up makeicecat into functions
Date: Sun, 3 May 2020 15:50:07 +0200


I would like to send a patch for the makeicecat script. It comes from the 68 branch, git commit 8f9f30e1e9cf2b411ce2747024d4f72edda86904. Here's a definite list of issues addressed in this patch:
1. Shebang changed to /usr/bin/env bash in order to support systems that put the bash binary elsewhere than /bin, for example FreeBSD.
2. Everything that makeicecat does is enclosed in functions with descriptive names. The abstraction of work scope is increasing towards the end, which lets the reader better understand what makeicecat really does and in what order.
3. References to /tmp are now based in the current directory. Accessing paths outside of the sandbox is illegal in Portage sandbox, which voids the effort of packaging IceCat for Gentoo Linux. Which I maintain in an unofficial Gentoo overlay. So far I have sed'ed those out during src_unpack phase, but I think it's only fair that everyone gets a better behaved makeicecat.

Best regards,
MichaƂ Dec

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