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bug#44203: icecat sound problem

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: bug#44203: icecat sound problem
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2020 18:10:01 -0400

Andrew via bug-gnuzilla via GNUzilla bug reports <bug-gnuzilla@gnu.org>

> The sound from the videos played on rokfin.com , using the icecat browser, is 
> distorted.

I don't want to try running the non-free javascript on that site myself,
but I vaguely recall that one of IceCat's privacy-enhancing default
settings causes this problem on some sites.

It might have been "privacy.resistFingerprinting", which defaults to
"true" in IceCat but "false" in upstream Firefox.  Would you like to try
setting it to "false" in <about:config> and reporting back?

However, beware that by doing so, you will be sacrificing some of your
privacy in exchange for using sites that apparently don't value your
right to privacy.  Many popular video sites (including YouTube) work
properly with "privacy.resistFingerprinting" turned on, so clearly it's
possible to implement a properly functioning video player in JavaScript
that's compatible with that setting.

If setting "privacy.resistFingerprinting" to "false" doesn't fix your
problem, you could try fiddling with the other <about:config> options
for which IceCat has different defaults than Firefox.  Here's a list of



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