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bug#44203: icecat sound problem

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: bug#44203: icecat sound problem
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2020 16:46:04 -0400

Mark H Weaver <mhw@netris.org> writes:

> Andrew via bug-gnuzilla via GNUzilla bug reports <bug-gnuzilla@gnu.org>
> writes:
>> The sound from the videos played on rokfin.com , using the icecat browser, 
>> is distorted.
> I don't want to try running the non-free javascript on that site myself,
> but I vaguely recall that one of IceCat's privacy-enhancing default
> settings causes this problem on some sites.
> It might have been "privacy.resistFingerprinting", which defaults to
> "true" in IceCat but "false" in upstream Firefox.  Would you like to try
> setting it to "false" in <about:config> and reporting back?

FYI, Andrew reported back to me in private email that setting
"privacy.resistFingerprinting" to false fixed the sound problem for him.


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