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bug#67833: Icecat (suggestion): libredirect instead of PrivacyRedirect

From: paculino
Subject: bug#67833: Icecat (suggestion): libredirect instead of PrivacyRedirect
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2023 00:50:21 +0000

Hello, I have what I think might be a simple suggestion to implement. Might the 
libredirect extension (https://github.com/libredirect/browser_extension) be 
preferable to PrivacyRedirect? While it appears that some of the instance urls 
originate from the libredirect fork of PrivacyRedirect anyway (perhaps the main 
benefit), the fork does offer automatic redirects from more tracking-heavy 
websites than the original does, which some people may prefer. I personally 
just changed my bookmark to reflect the availability of a free frontend, but 
the fork might be of use to someone who often comes across links to the 
websites included only in the fork.

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