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[bug-grep] Re: [Fwd: grep v2.5.1]

From: Julian Foad
Subject: [bug-grep] Re: [Fwd: grep v2.5.1]
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 13:52:32 +0000
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ThMO wrote:
the attached mailwasn't delivered to the maintainer of grep v2.5.1, as stated
within the source code package's AUTHOR file.
Please do forward it to this person.  THX

I'm sorry that you are having problems with Grep. Bernhard ("Bero") is no longer the maintainer; Stepan Kasal has taken over that job. In any case, please address your questions to the whole community of Grep developers on the mailing list <address@hidden>, not just to one person.

If you can re-write your request in English and send it to that list, I'm sure someone will be able to help you.


- Julian

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