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Re: [bug-grep] Re: grep: -i option not working i cronjobs

From: Julian Foad
Subject: Re: [bug-grep] Re: grep: -i option not working i cronjobs
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 12:56:38 +0000
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Tim Waugh wrote:
On Sun, Nov 14, 2004 at 10:20:24AM -0800, Elliott Hughes wrote:
i think the kind of thing Aharon was thinking of was something like the character ß (Latin small letter sharp s) in de_DE (as opposed to de_CH), which has no upper-case form, and would be the two *characters* "SS".

Oh, good point.  Well rather than getting into "|" forms or
multiplying patterns for each occurrence, it's probably easier to
convert to same-case for the purpose of matching (if we really want to
jump through hoops like this).

Hold on. Do you think converting to same-case would achieve that one-versus-two-character match? I don't.

- Julian

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