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[bug-grep] [bugs #12210] EGexecute() fails to find matches on (exact &&

From: Charles Levert
Subject: [bug-grep] [bugs #12210] EGexecute() fails to find matches on (exact && match_icase)
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 21:37:36 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #7, bugs #12210 (project grep):

> I'm not considering wide char issues here.

Note that wide char support might be there and its functions used even if the
pattern and files are plain ASCII.  Preliminary case-folding is only needed or
performed when it's there.

> grep.c::prline()

The prline() problem where the case-folded match instead of the original is
printed is known.  I advocate getting rid of the whole thing in patch #3767
as it's no longer needed anyways (unless you can prove otherwise).  The
printing problem is simple:  in the "only-matching && match_icase" code path
of prline(), b should be set to "beg + ...", not "ibeg + ...", just as it is
in its other match_icase code path.

> a new design...

Yes, an interface similar to that of pcre.  Mainly for the ability to be able
to say either "same string but next match" or "same string but starting at
char offset i instead of 0" (for the ^pattern and \<pattern bug when multiple
matches per line are involved).  Similar to \G in Perl or -start in Tcl.

> I was hoping to help the grep community

That's always appreciated.

[Side note:  please create yourself a Savannah account and log in for posting
so that we can know who you are, especially since in your case I would have
recognized you from the bug-grep mailing list and known of your familiarity
with the code.]


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