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Re: grep

From: rme
Subject: Re: grep
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 14:25:20 +0200
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Hi Bob,

Thanks a lot for your email reply!

And special thanks for the tip concerning the "tr" command.

(I'm using suse linux 10.0)

The problem is (was) that, when downloading files, I do not get
any hint that a file might have this "<CR> only" problem. I see
that there is a problem when I use grep, eg. searching all files
below a directory; but because the file name gets overwritten,
it takes some searching to identify the file. Once I find it,
I can convert the <CR> to <LF>.

However, (thanks to your help with "tr") I can apply

> tr -s "\015" "\012" < input > output

indiscriminately on all files in the directory (-s to avoid
<CR><LF> to get converted to <LF><LF>). It seems this is the
best way out.

Thanks again! and have a nice day!



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