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Re: please allow a list of files to grep, as a file that can be - for st

From: t takahashi
Subject: Re: please allow a list of files to grep, as a file that can be - for stdin (fixes other bugs)
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 19:51:27 -0700

in looking over the posts in this thread, i now think that my
arguments don't make much sense as written.  i had a justifiable
reason for making this proposal, or thought i did, but, perhaps partly
because i am tired and partly because my upgrade to xorg makes the
screen nearly unreadable, i don't know what it was.  it had to do with
preprocessing, but i now don't recognize how my proposal fixes
anything.  i apologize to all parties for wasting bandwidth.

in case it matters, i am on the side of the developers who want to
keep grep clean and let find do the dirty work.  perhaps the man page
can elaborate for those who request fanciness.

however, imho if there is to be a grep -r, it needs to not recurse
symlinked dirs by default.

and i like the idea of grep improvements like allowing you to specify
that there be no colon after the filename (--label does not imply

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