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File and Pathnames in [ef]grep

From: A Braunsdorf
Subject: File and Pathnames in [ef]grep
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 19:55:44 -0000

Just installed 2.5.1a, and now [ef]grep are shell scripts that
apparently literally call "grep".

This caused a problem here for people who (for some reason) don't
have /usr/local/bin in their paths but try to use [ef]grep.  It
uses the broken Solaris one and fails.  Eh, can't say I care much,

If I set program-prefix in configure, grep isn't called "grep", but
it's still referred to that way in the scripts.  That's got to be

Can we get that literal "grep" changed to use the bindir and other
variables so it'll point to the right grep?


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