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Re: grep-2.5.4 Test Release

From: Mike Frysinger
Subject: Re: grep-2.5.4 Test Release
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 04:00:15 -0500
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On Tuesday 20 November 2007, Tony Abou-Assaleh wrote:
> > src/search.c:check_multibyte_string() calls wcrtomb() on a const string
> > but wcrtomb() in most cases will be modifying the first argument (which
> > is the const string)
> That code wasn't touched in at least 2 years. Is it easy to fix? Would you
> submit a patch? :O)

no idea, ive never hacked on grep before ... it's scary.  a cursory look shows 
getting rid of the const marking isnt really feasible, which means either use 
a different function, or dupe the string ... the latter is trivial to do, but 
the former requires widechar knowledge which i lack, sorry

> > > 2) Remove known failing cases from the release
> >
> > can you iterate which those are ?  i see 2 failing tests: foad1.sh and
> > yesno.sh ... seems like the foad1.sh tests show a pretty "bad" problem in
> > grep that should get fixed rather than ignored ... or is my understanding
> > of what is being tested incorrect ?  seems like failing "-o -i" is
> > pretty "bad" ... especially as it's a regression from grep-2.5.1 ...
> Yes, foad1.sh and yesno.sh. But not all the tests in these script fail. It
> is easier to just remove these files from the distribution tarball, but I
> think if there is an easy enough way to disable only some tests that would
> be better.
> The failing cases have been failing for a long time.

while true, the last grep version people have been using is 2.5.1 which was 
released a long time ago and does not have this bug:
echo word | grep -o -i WORD

> > rather than rewriting yet another testsuite by hand, have you seen
> > autotest ? it's an attempt by the autotools guys for streamlining test
> > integration for autotool-based projects
> Sounds promising! It is currently listed as experimental, but we should
> keep autotest on the radar.

ive found it to be pretty usable in automake-1.10/autoconf-2.61 (other than 
one bug which has been fixed when running tests in $srcdir!=$builddir)

if you'd like some help with grep integration, i dont mind

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