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new snapshot available: grep-2.7.30-7fd1

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: new snapshot available: grep-2.7.30-7fd1
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 20:07:19 +0200

Here's a snapshot of the latest:

grep snapshot: (.gz files are here, too)
  http://meyering.net/grep/grep-ss.tar.xz      988 KB

There are .gz and .sig files here, too:

Changes in grep since v2.7:

Aharon Robbins (1):
      dfa: fix compilation when not using MBS

Bruno Haible (1):
      build: fix link error on systems that have libiconv but not libintl

Dmitry V. Levin (1):
      build: compile gnulib without -Wcast-align to avoid warnings on ARM

Jim Meyering (20):
      post-release administrivia
      maint: update README-release
      maint: avoid obsolete gnulib modules
      build: avoid compilation failure on the Hurd
      maint: don't define a gpg_key_ID.  now it's obtained automatically
      maint: describe policy on copyright year number ranges
      tests: don't hard-code a 5-second timeout; that's not always enough
      build: update gnulib to latest
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      maint: update copyright year ranges to include 2011
      doc: remove erroneous "{,m}" item from grep man page
      maint: sort test names in Makefile.am
      tests: add a known-to-fail test
      build: avoid new syntax-check failures
      maint: remove unneeded #include directives
      build: run syntax-check rules as part of "make dist"
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      maint: update from gnulib
      build: correct my change of 2011-01-28
      maint: stop using .x-sc_* files to list syntax-check exemptions

Paolo Bonzini (7):
      dfa: process range expressions consistently with system regex
      tests: add testcase for previous fix
      configure: remove dependency on grep that supports long lines and -e
      configure: fix M4 quotation
      grep: add include guards
      add comment above fn_grep
      main: fix exit status on xmalloc failures

Changes in gnulib since v2.7:

* gnulib e2b0e1a...739321e (730):
  > maint.mk: fix po-file syntax-check rule
  > socklen: Update comment.
  > inet_ntop, inet_pton: Simplify.
  > netdb: Simplify.
  > sys_socket, netdb: Document problem with socklen_t.
  > maint.mk: let po check work in VPATH build
  > maint.mk: allow fine-grained syntax-check exclusion via Make variables
  > ignore-value tests: Avoid warnings.
  > passfd: Fix link error on Solaris.
  > passfd: Fix link error on AIX 5.2.
  > passfd: Work around bug with CMSG_FIRSTHDR on FreeBSD 6.4.
  > passfd: Fix compilation error on OpenBSD.
  > passfd test: Fix warnings.
  > passfd test: Fix warnings.
  > passfd module, part 4, tweaks.
  > passfd module, part 4.
  > Makefile: rely on GNU make; derive syntax-check rule names
  > passfd module, part 3.
  > passfd module, part 2, tweaks.
  > passfd module, part 2.
  > wcswidth, mbswidth: Avoid integer overflow.
  > Oops, fix last commit.
  > futimens, utimensat: Avoid endless recursion on Solaris 10.
  > maint.mk: relax a regexp to accommodate other formatting styles
  > maint.mk: suppress a syntax check false positive
  > wchar: add explicit dependencies, for Tru64
  > passfd module, part 1, tweaks.
  > passfd module, part 1.
  > regex-quote: New API.
  > regex-quote: Fix creation of POSIX extended regular expressions.
  > doc: Improve doc regarding autopoint vs. gnulib.
  > Update AC_OPENMP macro for Lahey compiler on GNU/Linux.
  > parse-duration: remove xalloc.h dependency
  > bootstrap: honor m4_base when running aclocal
  > getopt-gnu: relax license from LGPLv3+ to LGPLv2+
  > test-link: work on Hurd
  > stdio: simplify by moving files to printf-posix, sigpipe
  > stdio: simplify by moving gl_STDIN_LARGE_OFFSET to fseeko, ftello
  > localcharset: Assume ANSI C behaviour of free().
  > On Cygwin, use /proc file system instead of win32 API.
  > Fix OpenMP flag detection for various Fortran compilers.
  > update from texinfo
  > autoupdate
  > strstr: expand test coverage
  > maint.mk: detect missing-NL-at-EOF, too
  > dirname: move m4/dos.m4 functionality into lib/dosname.h
  > strstr: revert patches that introduced bug and pessimization
  > filenamecat: remove unnecessary dependency on dirname-lgpl
  > remove: remove unnecessary use of m4/dos.m4
  > * lib/openat-proc.c: Don't include dirname.h; not needed.
  > ChangeLog: credit Mike Stump; add a URL for the thread
  > backupfile: remove unnecessary use of m4/dos.m4
  > strstr: fix a bug whereby strstr would mistakenly return NULL
  > gnulib-tool: remove use of bold display in help screen
  > Fix misindentation of preprocessor directives.
  > ioctl: Fix for MacOS X in 64-bit mode.
  > maint: sc_cpp_indent_check: remove the "only in lib/" restriction
  > maint: avoid any CDPATH issue
  > maint: adjust cpp indentation for my modules, as well
  > maint: adjust cpp indentation to reflect nesting depth
  > New module 'wctomb'.
  > New module 'mbtowc'.
  > wcrtomb: Add more tests for native Windows platforms.
  > wcrtomb: Enhance test.
  > mbrtowc: Tiny optimization.
  > test-exclude.c: remove unmatched #endif
  > git-version-gen: skip "-dirty" check when appropriate
  > unictype/property-byname: Reduce the size of the 'data' segment.
  > unictype/scripts: Reduce the size of the 'data' segment.
  > stdint: Update documentation.
  > stdint: omit redundant check for wchar.h
  > stdint: Cut dependency to module 'wchar'.
  > longlong: skip, rather than fail, on cross-compilation
  > * NEWS: Mention 2011-02-08 change to stdlib.
  > getloadavg: Add comments about platforms.
  > getloadavg: Fix link error on Solaris 2.6.
  > * lib/getloadavg.c (getloadavg) [sgi]: Make ldav_off of type ptrdiff_t.
  > Oops, fix syntax error in last config.rpath commit.
  > havelib: Fix comments.
  > havelib: Update config.rpath.
  > getloadavg test: Add some plausibility checks.
  > maintainer-makefile: make syntax-check a no-op from tarballs
  > longlong: tune, particularly for common case of c99
  > getloadavg: set errno
  > getloadavg: omit unused var
  > autoupdate
  > doc: update users.txt
  > Consistent macro naming for macros that use GCC __attribute__.
  > Don't interfere with a program's definition of __attribute__.
  > maint: correct a ChangeLog attribution
  > update from texinfo
  > mbrtowc: Add more tests for native Windows platforms.
  > mbrtowc: Work around native Windows bug.
  > mbsinit: Work around mingw bug.
  > mbsinit: Don't crash for a NULL argument.
  > Don't interfere with a program's definition of __attribute__.
  > Fix last ChangeLog entry.
  > stdlib: don't get in the way of non-GCC __attribute__
  > quotearg test: Avoid test failure on mingw.
  > setlocale: Prefer gnulib's override over libintl's override.
  > stdlib: support non-GCC __attribute__
  > wcsrtombs: Work around bug on native Windows.
  > mbsrtowcs: Work around bug on native Windows.
  > Avoid setlocale bugs in tests.
  > Fix ChangeLog entry.
  > setlocale: Workaround native Windows bug.
  > Remove unused test-setlocale1 argument.
  > Tests for module 'setlocale'.
  > New module 'setlocale'.
  > Prepare for locale dependent tests on mingw.
  > Prepare for locale dependent tests on mingw.
  > strptime: avoid compiler warnings
  > doc: update users.txt
  > doc: update users.txt
  > doc: update users.txt
  > gnulib-tool: Make copyright notice adjustment more robust.
  > New module 'towctrans'.
  > New module 'wctrans'.
  > New module 'iswctype'.
  > New module 'wctype'.
  > wctype-h: Ensure wctype_t and wctrans_t are defined.
  > flock: fix license typo
  > Split large sed scripts, for HP-UX sed.
  > stdlib: improve random_r modularization
  > stdlib: don't depend on stdint
  > getloadavg: don't depend on c-strtod, cloexec, fcntl-safer
  > di-set.h, ino-map.h: add multiple-inclusion guard
  > iswblank: Ensure declaration on glibc systems.
  > New module 'iswblank'.
  > di-set tests: Refactor.
  > ino-map tests: Refactor.
  > di-set: add "const" to a cast
  > ChangeLog: fix my old entry to give credit to Bastien
  > update from texinfo
  > Rename module 'wctype' to 'wctype-h'.
  > New module 'wcswidth'.
  > New module 'wcstok'.
  > New module 'wcsstr'.
  > New module 'wcspbrk'.
  > New module 'wcsspn'.
  > New module 'wcscspn'.
  > New module 'wcsrchr'.
  > New module 'wcschr'.
  > New module 'wcsdup'.
  > New module 'wcsxfrm'.
  > New module 'wcscoll'.
  > New module 'wcsncasecmp'.
  > New module 'wcscasecmp'.
  > New module 'wcsncmp'.
  > New module 'wcscmp'.
  > New module 'wcsncat'.
  > New module 'wcscat'.
  > New module 'wcpncpy'.
  > New module 'wcsncpy'.
  > New module 'wcpcpy'.
  > New module 'wcscpy'.
  > New module 'wcsnlen'.
  > New module 'wcslen'.
  > New module 'wmemset'.
  > New module 'wmemmove'.
  > New module 'wmemcpy'.
  > New module 'wmemcmp'.
  > di-set, ino-map: new modules, from coreutils
  > getloadavg: merge minor changes from Emacs
  > Allow multiple gnulib generated replacements to coexist.
  > libposix: Revert the unreviewed part of yesterday's big merge.
  > unsetenv: work around Haiku issues
  > libposix: Add _HEADERS primaries to posix modules. Modify gnulib-tool to 
strip them from generated Makefile.am-s where they are not needed.  Also, 
replace M4 macro prefixes when requested. Finally, omit calls to error() for 
  > strerror_r-posix: port to cygwin
  > New module 'wmemchr', part 3.
  > New module 'wmemchr', part 2.
  > New module 'wmemchr'.
  > fdopendir: detect FreeBSD bug
  > stdbool: do not define HAVE_STDBOOL_H
  > wcsnrtombs: Prepare for new module wwcsnrtombs.
  > wcsrtombs: Prepare for new module wwcsrtombs.
  > mbsnrtowcs: Prepare for new module mbsnrtowwcs.
  > mbsrtowcs: Prepare for new module mbsrtowwcs.
  > vasnprintf: Reduce use of malloc for small format strings.
  > autoudpate
  > update from texinfo
  > dup2: work around Haiku bug
  > doc: off_t is not available in eglibc 2.11.2 stdio.h.
  > ignore-value: add missing test dependency
  > mktime: clarify long_int width checking
  > ignore-value: Fix self-test.
  > TYPE_MAXIMUM: avoid theoretically undefined behavior
  > mktime: #undef mktime before #defining it
  > mktime: systematically normalize tm_isdst comparisons
  > mktime: fix some integer overflow issues and sidestep the rest
  > mktime: avoid infinite loop
  > rename, unlink, same-inode: Relicense.
  > mktime: avoid problems on NetBSD 5 / i386
  > autoupdate
  > mktime: fix misspelling in comment
  > move-if-change: cope with concurrent mv of identical file.
  > users.txt: Mention sharutils.
  > doc: Update users.txt
  > Prepare for supporting FreeBSD 10.
  > Prepare for supporting FreeBSD 10.
  > vma-iter, get-rusage-as: Add OpenBSD support.
  > more make vars for makeinfo
  > regen
  > fcntl: work around Haiku F_DUPFD bugs
  > autoupdate
  > Enable memory leak tests on AIX.
  > Tests for module 'get-rusage-data'.
  > New module 'get-rusage-data'.
  > get-rusage-as: Allow for easier testing.
  > vma-iter: Treat Haiku like BeOS.
  > c-stack: fix regression on cygwin when libsigsegv is present
  > autoupdate
  > vma-iter: Avoid empty intervals.
  > u64: remove unnecessary #include
  > Allow the user to avoid the GNULIB_TEST_* macros.
  > New module 'vma-iter'.
  > uninorm: Tweak includes.
  > get-rusage-as: Improve on NetBSD.
  > xreadlink.h: remove unnecessary #include
  > maint.mk: add syntax-check rule: detect unnecessary #include <stddef.h>
  > get-rusage-as: Fix bug.
  > wctype: Ensure valid C syntax.
  > wctype: Ensure valid C syntax.
  > getopt: omit HAVE_OPTRESET, HAVE_GETOPT_CLIP from config.h
  > maintainer-makefile: work with older git for submodule check
  > bootstrap: minor portability fixes
  > bootstrap: support --no-git option
  > strerror_r-posix: work with glibc 2.13
  > uN_strstr: New unit tests.
  > Make uN_strstr functions O(n) worst-case.
  > Prepare for faster uN_strstr functions.
  > test-malloca: unset MALLOC_PERTURB_ to speed up test
  > ignore-value: remove dependency on stdint
  > maint.mk: adjust variable name to be consistent with other gl_ vars
  > ChangeLog: remove duplicate entry
  > maint.mk: make "check" depend on public-submodule-commit by default
  > mbfile, mbiter: Complete change from 2008-12-21.
  > update from texinfo
  > update from texinfo
  > init.sh: insert space between each function name and "()"
  > bootstrap: avoid failure when there is no .gitmodules file
  > update from texinfo
  > mountlist: clean up code formatting
  > mountlist: add support for Interix
  > maint.mk: improve the public-submodule-commit rule
  > include_next: Fix bug introduced on 2011-01-18.
  > Allow the user to avoid the GNULIB_TEST_* macros.
  > bootstrap: avoid failure when there is no .gitmodules file
  > assume <ctype.h>, ..., <time.h> exist
  > multiarch: remove AA_APPLE_UNIVERSAL_BUILD
  > c-stack: assume stack overflow if SA_SIGINFO unsupported
  > stdbool-tests: accomodate Haiku
  > binary-io: fix O_TEXT on Haiku
  > include_next: do not check for standard headers like stddef.h
  > ansi-c++-opt: skip C++ dependency style if C++ is unused
  > *printf-posix: Avoid test failures. Make tests work on MacOS X, Cygwin.
  > get-rusage-as: Improvement for Cygwin.
  > strftime: remove dependencies on multibyte modules
  > Tests for module 'get-rusage-as'.
  > New module 'get-rusage-as'.
  > sigaction: relax license from LGPLv3+ to LGPLv2+
  > update from texinfo
  > autoupdate
  > filemode: Make function declarations usable in C++ mode.
  > save-cwd: no longer include "xgetcwd.h"
  > ftoastr: split into 3 modules ftoastr, dtoastr, ldtoastr
  > save-cwd: remove #if-!HAVE_FCHDIR'd code; use the fchdir module
  > openat, save-cwd: avoid xmalloc
  > openat: Increase OPENAT_BUFFER_SIZE from 512 to at least 1024
  > doc: Update users.txt.
  > missing @item
  > document configmake in the manual instead of the source
  > Update to Unicode 6.0.0.
  > Update to Unicode 5.2.0.
  > New Unicode character properties, from Unicode 5.2.0.
  > New module 'unictype/property-changes-when-casemapped'.
  > New module 'unictype/property-changes-when-casefolded'.
  > New module 'unictype/property-changes-when-titlecased'.
  > New module 'unictype/property-changes-when-uppercased'.
  > New module 'unictype/property-changes-when-lowercased'.
  > New module 'unictype/property-case-ignorable'.
  > New module 'unictype/property-cased'.
  > Update to Unicode 5.2.0.
  > useless-if-before-free: fix typo in --help and make the internal,
  > uniwidth/width: Fix width of U+1D173..U+1D17A.
  > uninorm tests: Preserve copyright of Unicode data file.
  > gen-uni-tables: Oops, fix last commit.
  > gen-uni-tables: Prepare for Unicode 5.2.0.
  > unilbrk: Clarify gen-uni-tables.c code.
  > strtod: Restore errno when successfully parsing Infinity or NaN.
  > remove test: Avoid failure on HP-UX 11.
  > mkdir, mkdirat tests: Avoid failure on HP-UX 11.11.
  > ignore-value: clarify some comments
  > ignore-value: support aggregate types
  > maint.mk: improve sc_prohibit_strcmp regex
  > maint: fix ChangeLog order
  > signal: work around Haiku issue with SIGBUS
  > maint.mk: add pre-release check to ensure submodule commits are public
  > ignore-value: make ignore_value more generic; deprecate ignore_ptr
  > doc: regenerate INSTALL
  > Merge remote branch 'origin/coreutils-8.9'
  > Merge branch 'coreutils-8.9'
  > avoid an unnecessary sub-shell
  > rebuild
  > autoupdate
  > git-version-gen: use (...) rather than sh -c '...'
  > git-version-gen: convert leading TABs to spaces
  > git-version-gen: handle failed "git rev-list"
  > git-version-gen: include command name in one more diagnostic
  > update-copyright: adjust test to match changed code
  > getlogin_r: Avoid test failure on HP-UX 11.
  > document new copyright owner name changes
  > document new copyright owner name changes
  > build-aux/update-copyright: Support UPDATE_COPYRIGHT_HOLDER environment 
  > unigbrk: Avoid gcc warnings.
  > pwrite: Fix test whether it works and make it work on HP-UX 11.11.
  > pread: Fix test whether it works.
  > Fix detection of traditional Arabic locale on HP-UX, Solaris, Cygwin.
  > tcgetsid: Correct linkage in C++ mode on HP-UX 11.00.
  > Rename uc_is_grapheme_cluster_break() to uc_is_grapheme_break().
  > Remove u#-grapheme-len modules as too redundant with u#-grapheme-next.
  > unigbrk.in.h: Fix typo: "ben" => "been".
  > maint: update almost all copyright ranges to include 2011
  > maint: update-copyright: exempt doc/INSTALL*
  > maint: refine the update-copyright rule
  > unigbrk: New modules for grapheme clusters.
  > unigbrk: Fix uc_graphemeclusterbreak_property(), add comprehensive test.
  > Avoid use of hexadecimal escapes.
  > maint: new rule to update copyright year ranges
  > maint: indent with TABs in Makefile
  > version-etc: update the copyright year it reports
  > isfinite: Avoid compiler bug of "cc -O" on HP-UX 11.11.
  > pwrite: Work around HP-UX 11.11 bug.
  > pread: Work around HP-UX 11 bugs.
  > nl_langinfo: fix YESEXPR on Irix 6.5
  > iconv: Document HP-UX 11 bug.
  > ldexpl: Fix link error on HP-UX 11.
  > ftello: avoid compilation failure with SunStudio c89
  > tests: avoid failing coreutils tests on cygwin
  > sys_select: Avoid warning about missing memset declaration on HP-UX 11.
  > waitpid: Fix link error in C++ mode.
  > isnan: Use GCC built-ins when possible.
  > isnand: Fix mistake.
  > open: Avoid C++ error on HP-UX 11.
  > time_r: Add missing declarations on HP-UX 11.
  > mountlist: tweak previous commit
  > mountlist: fix local drive detection on cygwin
  > ftoastr, snprintf: ftoastr + snprintf module
  > alloca: one step towards thread-safety
  > tests: minor indenting change
  > regex: don't infloop on persistent failing calloc
  > linkat: Make implementation robust against system behaviour variations.
  > New modules for grapheme cluster breaking.
  > linkat test: Avoid failure on Solaris 11 2010-11.
  > utimens: work around glibc rounding bug on more platforms
  > select tests: Improve comments.
  > select tests: Safer way of handling timeout.
  > select tests: Use 'bool' where appropriate.
  > select tests: Use existing modules.
  > mbrtowc: Work around a Solaris 7 bug.
  > read-file.c: tweak syntax
  > times test: Avoid gcc warnings on OSF/1.
  > utimens: work around glibc rounding bug on older Linux kernels
  > inet_ntop: Hide mismatch of declaration on NonStop Kernel.
  > inet_ntop, inet_pton: Ensure declaration on NonStop Kernel.
  > arpa_inet: Use the common idioms with C++ support.
  > Fix more C++ link errors on Solaris 8.
  > printf-posix: Fix link error when a non-GCC compiler is used.
  > strerror_r-posix: Update doc.
  > utimens: simplify the logic of the previous change
  > utimens: configure better on hosts with NFS clock skew
  > ptsname test: Avoid failure on Solaris.
  > ptsname: Avoid ERANGE failure on some systems.
  > rename, renameat: Avoid test failures at NFS mounted locations.
  > iswblank: Fix C++ link error on Solaris 8.
  > unistd: Fix C++ link error on Solaris 8.
  > readlink doc: Mention an old glibc bug.
  > fcntl-h: Fix for use of C++ on glibc systems.
  > roundl-ieee: Make it work on OSF/1 5.1 with cc.
  > truncl-ieee: Make it work on OSF/1 5.1 with cc.
  > ceill-ieee: Make it work on OSF/1 5.1 with cc.
  > Ensure all prerequisites of <wchar.h> are included.
  > strtok_r: Fix C syntax error in autoconf macro.
  > ceil, trunc, round: Fix gcc warnings.
  > update from texinfo
  > select tests: Avoid failures on OSF/1 5.1.
  > stdint: avoid HP-UX 10.20 preprocessor bug
  > pipe: make obsoletion transition easier
  > sys_socket: Hide mismatch of declarations on NonStop Kernel.
  > gethostname: Ensure declaration on NonStop Kernel.
  > sys_select: Ensure all necessary types on NonStop Kernel.
  > sys_select: Remove unneeded include.
  > gethostname: Provide a fallback for HOST_NAME_MAX.
  > sigaction tests: Allow missing SA_RESETHAND and SA_RESTART.
  > signal: Define NSIG.
  > rename, renameat: Avoid test failures on OSF/1 5.1.
  > *printf: Detect large precisions bug on Solaris 10/SPARC.
  > tests: port test-fdutimensat.c to Solaris 8
  > vsnprintf: make more consistent with snprintf; doc fixes
  > sigpipe: relax to LGPLv2+, since it did not have any LGPLv3+ parts
  > doc: document Solaris printf bug with large float precisions
  > test-posixtm.c: add two tests
  > getlogin_r: Work around portability problem on OSF/1.
  > ptsname: Avoid test failure on OSF/1 5.1.
  > Port extended stdio modules to HP NonStop Kernel.
  > ttyname_r: Work around bug on OSF/1 5.1.
  > Oops, fix last ChangeLog entry.
  > round: Implement result sign according to IEEE 754.
  > trunc: Implement result sign according to IEEE 754.
  > ceil: Implement result sign according to IEEE 754.
  > floor: Implement result sign according to IEEE 754.
  > getaddrinfo: Update doc.
  > getaddrinfo, inet_ntop: Update doc for Solaris.
  > New module 'roundl-ieee'.
  > New module 'truncl-ieee'.
  > New module 'ceill-ieee'.
  > New module 'floorl-ieee'.
  > New module 'round-ieee'.
  > New module 'trunc-ieee'.
  > New module 'ceil-ieee'.
  > New module 'floor-ieee'.
  > New module 'roundf-ieee'.
  > New module 'truncf-ieee'.
  > New module 'ceilf-ieee'.
  > New module 'floorf-ieee'.
  > Support for minus zero in autoconf macros.
  > Tests for module 'ceil'.
  > Tests for module 'floor'.
  > math: Fix indentation.
  > Fix cross-compilation guesses on Solaris.
  > snprintf: port snprintf (NULL, 0, ...) to Solaris 8 and 9
  > ftoastr: fix comment again
  > round*, trunc*: Update documentation regarding glibc.
  > roundf, round, roundl: Update documentation regarding OSF/1 5.1.
  > ttyname_r: Add missing declaration on HP-UX 11.
  > getlogin, getlogin_r: Document HP-UX 11.11 bugs.
  > getlogin, getlogin_r: Document HP-UX 11.11 bugs.
  > getlogin_r: Add missing declaration on HP-UX 11.
  > getlogin_r: Add missing declaration on HP-UX 11.
  > wcsrtombs: Don't confuse mbstate_t with rpl_mbstate_t.
  > ftoastr: fix comment
  > isnan: Ensure it is a macro.
  > ldexpl test: Fix link error on OSF/1 5.1.
  > wctype: Make it work in C++ mode on OSF/1 5.1.
  > signal: Document problem with type of SIGRTMIN, SIGRTMAX on OSF/1 5.1.
  > sys_socket: Use POSIX compatible declarations on OSF/1 5.1.
  > tcgetsid: Add missing declaration on OSF/1 5.1.
  > stdio: Fix problem with popen() declaration on OSF/1 5.1.
  > iconv_open: Fix regression from 2010-12-04.
  > stdbool test: Avoid a gcc warning.
  > setenv: restore to working order
  > Document some different function declarations on OSF/1 5.1.
  > doc: Mention vasprintf-posix module.
  > unsetenv: Add missing declaration on OSF/1 5.1.
  > setenv: Add missing declaration on OSF/1 5.1.
  > nl_langinfo tests: Avoid gcc warning.
  > mknod: Avoid error in C++ mode on OSF/1 with GCC.
  > stdbool: Relax test.
  > ftello: Add missing declaration on OSF/1 5.1.
  > fseeko: Add missing declaration on OSF/1 5.1.
  > fchdir: Add missing declaration on OSF/1 5.1.
  > relocatable-prog-wrapper: Separate from relocatable-prog.
  > unistr/u8-mbsnlen: Add missing dependency.
  > iconv: Make it possible again to use this module without 'iconv-h'.
  > acl: port to Solaris 8 when copying from tmpfs to ufs
  > tests: set fail=0 at start
  > memmem-simple: Stylistic changes.
  > memmem: rearrange memmem and expand memmem-simple modules
  > Improve cross-compilation guesses for uClibc.
  > configmake: provide fallbacks for oldest supported autotools
  > read-file: reorganize to avoid various issues
  > cloexec, fcntl: relax license
  > autoupdate
  > Tweak last ChangeLog entry.
  > Tests for module 'pipe-posix.
  > Oops, fix mistake in last commit.
  > pipe-posix: Make it work in C++ mode.
  > Rename module 'pipe' to 'spawn-pipe'.
  > pipe-posix: new module
  > * build-aux/gendocs.sh: restore x bit
  > autoupdate
  > unistr/u8-strcmp: Avoid collision with libc function on Solaris 11.
  > Update internal documentation.
  > Put more information about failed tests into the test return codes.
  > Update for Solaris 11 2010-11.
  > nproc: Relax license.
  > maint: restore executable bit
  > utimecmp: fine-grained src to nearby coarse-grained dest
  > strerror_r-posix: Fix autoconf test.
  > Tests for module 'getdomainname'.
  > getdomainname: Use the system function when possible.
  > sys_socket: Ensure ss_family field on AIX.
  > readline: Improve configure output.
  > *printf-posix: Detect a bug on Solaris 10/x86.
  > Fix link error when module libunistring-optional is in use.
  > regex: Mention link dependencies.
  > ftoastr: Fix compilation error on Solaris.
  > Oops, fix typo in last commit.
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > getloadavg: Update documentation.
  > sys_socket: Fix test whether the functions are declared.
  > getpass: Make sure to get system declaration on some platforms.
  > iconv-h: Fix test-iconv-h-c++ failure on Solaris 11 2010-11.
  > ftoastr: comment fix
  > stdint: port to GCC 4.3 + OSX + Octave
  > doc: Corrections regarding MacOS X 10.4 and 10.5.
  > autoupdate
  > Uninstall ".bin" files installed by relocwrapper.
  > Update for NetBSD 5.0.
  > Update for HP-UX 11.23 and HP-UX 11.31.
  > Update for MacOS X 10.5.
  > bootstrap: add bootstrap_sync option.
  > Oops, fix incomplete ChangeLog entry.
  > Ensure that <features.h> is included before __GLIBC__ is tested.
  > memmem: Fix autoconf test.
  > Port to uClibc.
  > nproc: Fix condition.
  > Fix a comment. * lib/vasnprintf.c (VASNPRINTF): Fix comment.
  > ftoastr: don't assume snprintf
  > test-rename.h: fix compilation failure
  > maint.mk: add a URL discussing the address@hidden policy
  > ftoastr: depend on snprintf, improve comments
  > ftoastr: port to hosts lacking strtof and strtold
  > c-strtold: Avoid link error on AIX 7.
  > intprops: new macro INT_BITS_STRLEN_BOUND
  > ftoastr: new module, for lossless conversion of floats to short strings
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > bootstrap: port to Solaris sed
  > maint.mk: rename variable: s/noteworthy/gl_noteworthy_news_/
  > remove autoconf-2.57 work-around requiring AC_PROG_EGREP and AC_PROG_CPP
  > Line-wrap a ChangeLog entry.
  > rename, renameat: Avoid test failures at NFS mounted locations.
  > rename, renameat: Document Linux bug with NFS.
  > rename test: Add comments.
  > maintainer-makefile: cover a few more files
  > unistr/u8-mbtouc: Improve handling of ill-formed UTF-8 input.
  > openat: Work around glibc bug with fchownat() and empty file names.
  > openat: Ensure autoconf macro ordering.
  > Update comments.
  > tests: avoid test failure on Solaris 10 due to lack of PATH export
  > init.sh: ensure that IFS is defined, just in case...
  > maint.mk: tighten "test a == b" check
  > autoupdate
  > bootstrap: fix typo in previous attempt
  > maintainer-makefile: prohibit test x == x
  > bootstrap: allow FreeBSD gzip
  > maintainer-makefile: check for i18n setup
  > sleep, nanosleep: Work around Linux 2.6.9 nanosleep bug.
  > fcntl-h: Fix for use of C++ on glibc systems.
  > mknod: avoid false failure with dash
  > unlink: Fix "is it should" typo in diagnostic.
  > Tests for module 'strerror_r-posix'.
  > New module 'strerror_r-posix'.
  > pmccabe2html: bug fixes: don't skip last input line; quote filename in 
shell command
  > More pmccabe fixes.
  > doc: List more failing platforms.
  > Add a comment.
  > fdopendir: fix bug on MacOS X when low on file descriptors
  > vasnprintf: Support I flag on glibc systems.
  > Fix copy/paste bug: Use unique name for compiler warnings.
  > ceil, floor: avoid spurious failure with icc
  > tests: require working signbit
  > strtod: work around icc bug
  > copysign: enhance tests
  > ceil, floor, round, trunc: enhance tests of -0
  > frexp, tests: work around ICC bug with -zero
  > isnanl: work around icc bug
  > tests: fix compiler warnings
  > utimens: fix broken m4 test
  > posix_spawn*, getdtablesize: Relax license.
  > autoupdate
  > unistd: Refine workaround from 2009-12-23 against Cygwin bug.
  > stdio: Work around compilation error due to renameat() on Solaris 10.
  > renameat: port to Solaris 10, which declares renameat in unistd.h
  > fdopendir: fix C89 compilation
  > inttostr: simplify by removing unnecessary redundancy
  > nl_langinfo: Mention problem with CRNCYSTR on NetBSD 5.0.
  > Tests: Fix LOCALE_JA on MirBSD 10.
  > inttostr: revert most-recent change
  > inttostr: simplify by removing unnecessary redundancy
  > nl_langinfo test: Avoid test failure on NetBSD 5.
  > c-stack: work around libsigsegv 2.8 bug
  > userspec: Drop redundant file.
  > nl_langinfo tests: Silence some warnings.
  > Make use of GCC's attribute __alloc_size__.
  > bootstrap: anchor .gitignore entries.
  > nextafter: Fix configure check.
  > Fix date in ChangeLog.
  > termios: Update documentation.
  > tests: Make them compile with TinyCC.
  > ignore-value: make header idempotent
  > GNUmakefile: handle "stable" target, not "major"
  > isnan: Add support for TinyCC
  > vasnprintf: Don't set errno to 0.
  > socketlib: Fix.
  > test-select-stdin.c: avoid warn_unused_result warnings
  > git-version-gen: do require git-VC'd files in cwd
  > argv-iter: omit nonconforming declaration
  > termios: fix compilation on mingw
  > git-version-gen: don't require that .git/ be in the current dir
  > test-select: avoid warn_unused_result warnings
  > test-symlinkat: remove declaration of unused local
  > test-inttostr: avoid shadowing warnings
  > stdlib: Allow multiple gnulib generated replacements to coexist.
  > fix a documentation typo
  > futimens: work around Solaris 11 bug
  > Indentation.
  > test-futimens: avoid unwarranted test failure on Solaris 5.11
  > Indentation.
  > spawn.in.h: make indentation consistent with parentheses
  > Fix mismatched parens in previous commit
  > rewrite int foo[2*X-1] to verify(X) or to int foo[X?1:-1]
  > prefer (X ? 1 : -1) when converting from boolean (1,0) to int (1,-1)
  > autoupdate
  > time: enforce recent POSIX ruling that time_t is integral
  > fdopendir: fix a bug on systems lacking openat and /proc support
  > sys_select: Avoid warning due to undeclared memset() on OpenBSD 4.5.
  > nanosleep: Make replacement POSIX compliant.
  > bootstrap: add hook for altering gnulib.mk, for Bison
  > bootstrap: reformat for readability
  > docs: update cygwin progress
  > autoupdate
  > parse-datetime: avoid compilation failure on OpenBSD 4.7
  > docs: update cygwin progress
  > docs: update parse-datetime history
  > cygwin: use more robust version check
  > string, sys_select: Avoid #including large headers unless necessary.
  > memmem, strstr, strcasestr: fix bug with long periodic needle
  > maint: fix order of ChangeLog entries
  > parse-datetime: do some more renaming
  > parse-datetime: better name than get_date
  > more ports to Solaris tr, which needs [] around ranges
  > bootstrap: fix Solaris regression
  > bootstrap: work with pkg-config
  > faccessat: remove unused wrappers
  > tests: require @PRAGMA_COLUMNS@ with each @PRAGMA_SYSTEM_HEADER@
  > gnulib-tool: Synthesize appropriate _LDFLAGS for a libtool library.
  > threadlib: Make option --with-libpth-prefix work.
  > Avoid line length limitation from HP NonStop system header files.
  > read-file tests: Avoid a test failure on NonStop Kernel.
  > gnulib-tool: Fixes for --create-testdir with --libtool.
  > Avoid some lines longer than 80 characters.
  > acl: Add support for ACLs on NonStop Kernel.
  > More info about ACLs on NonStop Kernel.
  > Info about ACLs on NonStop Kernel.
  > Define missing EDQUOT on NonStop Kernel.
  > Update doc for POSIX:2008.
  > gnulib-tool: In testdirs, use the newest available config.{guess.sub}.
  > New module 'system-posix'.
  > More renaming from 'getdate' to 'get_date'.
  > bootstrap: support ACLOCAL_FLAGS during aclocal
  > bootstrap: use glibtoolize on MacOS
  > poll: fix typo that broke test on MacOS
  > getdate: rename to get_date
  > Separate the module 'waitpid' from the module 'sys_wait'.
  > More tests for module 'sys_wait'.
  > More tests for module 'sys_wait'.
  > New module 'waitpid'.
  > poll: Assume ANSI C.
  > poll-h: Create poll.h on all platforms.
  > Tests for module 'poll-h'.
  > Tests for module 'poll-h'.
  > poll-h: Ensure POLL{RD,WR}{NORM,BAND} are defined on glibc platforms.
  > New module 'poll-h'.
  > maint: restore x bit
  > sys_wait: Implement WSTOPSIG.
  > stdlib, sys_wait: Avoid compilation error on mingw.
  > stdlib tests: Avoid code duplication.
  > getaddrinfo: Initialize sockets, to make it work under Windows.
  > autoupdate
  > Tests for module 'regex-quote'.
  > New module 'regex-quote'.
  > gnulib.info-[0-9] are generated.
  > unistr/u8-strchr: Fix a test failure on i586 glibc systems.
  > setenv: Relax license.
  > termios: Relax license.
  > threadlib: Allow the package to change the default to 'no'.
  > autoupdate
  > Fix endless loop in mbmemcasecoll.
  > Tests for module 'memcoll'.
  > memcoll, xmemcoll: Clarify size vs. length.
  > Tests for module 'memcasecmp'.
  > pthread: add to system <pthread.h> instead of replacing it all, for MacOS
  > net_if: enhance tests
  > Add ChangeLog entry for last commit.
  > Manual: improve out-of-memory documentation.
  > autoupdate
  > Add ChangeLog entry.
  > Use src/ not lib/ as root of source in example Makefile.am code.
  > Set cut_dir properly, and add mode line for Emacs.
  > Set cut_dir properly, and add mode line for Emacs.
  > Make Makefile.am example code more cut-and-paste friendly.
  > New module to test <net/if.h> interfaces.
  > pthread: add pthread_spin_destroy
  > gnulib-tool: Fix --help output.
  > maint.mk: avoid unexpanded \n in two diagnostics
  > netinet_in: Doc tweak.
  > init.sh: correct an outdated comment
  > init.sh: don't let an ephemeral "*.exe" make us skip all dir entries
  > mirbsd: add some more support
  > tests: fix unportable assumption on sys/wait.h
  > init.sh: accomodate directory with no .exes
  > tests: avoid compiler warning
  > fdutimens, fdutimensat: update signature, again
  > Take over the maintenance of some older macros from Autoconf.
  > fdutimensat: drop atflag validation
  > unlockpt: Fix declaration within GNULIB_POSIXCHECK.
  > login_tty: Fix detection of function on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD.
  > login_tty: Make the replacement code work on BSD systems.
  > login_tty: Stricter unit test.
  > New module 'tcgetsid'.
  > Tests for module 'termios'.
  > New module 'termios'.
  > fdutimensat: add an atflag parameter
  > Fix typos in comments.
  > Fix typo in last commit.
  > stdlib: clarify MirBSD WEXITSTATUS bug
  > stdlib: work around MirBSD WEXITSTATUS bug
  > docs: mention MacOS issue with WEXITSTATUS(constant)
  > strnlen: add tests
  > unistr/base: Avoid link errors when module 'libunistring' is also used.
  > test-rawmemchr: make more robust
  > memchr: detect glibc Alpha bug
  > fts, getcwd, glob: audit for dirfd returning -1
  > float: fix broken MirBSD header
  > fts: use O_NOFOLLOW to avoid race condition when opening a directory
  > fdopendir: preserve argument fd before returning

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