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bug#17080: [PATCH] egrep, fgrep: go back to shell scripts

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: bug#17080: [PATCH] egrep, fgrep: go back to shell scripts
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2014 10:11:58 +0200
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Il 24/03/2014 01:21, Paul Eggert ha scritto:
Although egrep's and fgrep's switch from shell scripts to
executables may have made sense in 2005, it complicated
maintenance and recently has caused subtle performance bugs.
Go back to the old way of doing things, as it's simpler and more
easily separated from the mainstream implementation.  This should
be good enough nowadays, as POSIX has withdrawn egrep/fgrep and
portable applications should be using -E/-F anyway.
* po/POTFILES.in: Remove src/egrep.c, src/fgrep.c, src/main.c.
* src/Makefile.am (bin_PROGRAMS): Remove egrep, fgrep.
(bin_SCRIPTS): New macro.
(grep_SOURCES): Move searchutils.c, dfa.c, dfasearch.c, kwset.c,
kwsearch.c, pcresearch.c here from libgrep_a_SOURCES.
(egrep_SOURCES, fgrep_SOURCES, noinst_LIBRARIES, libgrep_a_SOURCES):
(LDADD): Remove libgrep.a.
(egrep, fgrep): New rules.
(CLEANFILES): New macro.
* src/grep.c: Rename from src/main.c.
(usage, setmatcher, main):
Simplify, since there's now just one executable.
(Gcompile, Ecompile, Acompile, GAcompile, PAcompile, matchers):
Move here from the (removed) src/grep.c.
(compile_fp_t, execute_fp_t, struct matcher, matchers):
Move here from src/grep.h, as they no longer need to be public.
(struct matcher.name): Avoid one level of indirection/relocation.
(do_execute, main): Fix a performance bug when it was compiled
as 'fgrep', due to confusion about which matcher was which.
(main): Fix a performance bug with -P, likewise.
* src/grep.h (before_options, after_options): Remove.
* src/egrep.c, src/fgrep.c, src/grep.c: Remove.

I agree with Eli and Aharon that this change is unnecessary.

If you generate your patch with "-M" or add

        renames = true

to your .gitconfig file, the patch will also be more readable and it will be easier to see that it does not really introduce any simplifications.


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