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bug#17799: grep 2.5.4 ignoring parts of expression

From: Jim Michaels
Subject: bug#17799: grep 2.5.4 ignoring parts of expression
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2014 01:53:16 -0700

grep random "#include <(bits/)?random(\.h)?>" *
expected: on the include/c++/bits dir of a gcc compiler should produce a couple 
of results. 

actual: produces pages and pages with just about every file in it. anything 
with the word random in it. grep is ignoring #include <(bits/)? and (\.h)?> and 
I have no clue why.

all I wanted was the header files in the compiler which #included anything 
related to random.h because I had a bug in gcc I was trying to report, so I 
ended up finding a bug in grep too.

Jim Michaels
http://JesusnJim.com (my personal site, has software)
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