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bug#16444: bug #16444: grep -r fails with "Bad file descriptor" for ming

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#16444: bug #16444: grep -r fails with "Bad file descriptor" for mingw-w64
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2015 23:15:12 -0700
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Norihiro Tanaka wrote:
MinGW always returns ST_INO = 0, which is POSIX incompatible.

Yes, this is a known deficiency in MinGW that is documented in Gnulib, here:


(search for "st_ino").

When we discovered this deficiency years ago, we decided that it'd be too much of a pain to work around it then. Please see the thread starting here:


in which a patch was installed that tries to work around some of the MinGW deficiency; unfortunately the patch broke a lot of things and was backed out. I'm not optimistic about a fix this time either.

The deficiency should be fixed in MinGW, so that functions like 'stat' behave as programs expect. In the meantime, I suggest not using recursive grep in MinGW.

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