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bug#20638: BUG: standard & extended RE's don't find NUL's :-(

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: bug#20638: BUG: standard & extended RE's don't find NUL's :-(
Date: Mon, 25 May 2015 18:19:17 -0700
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Paul Eggert wrote:
Linda Walsh wrote:

Perhaps you want to tell me where the documentation on the
standard and/or extended RE's is that you use?

We're talking about grep, so the relevant documentation is the grep manual, not the awk manual or other random stuff you might find on the Internet. Type 'info grep'. Or if you're in Emacs, type 'C-h i m grep RET'.
From the coreutils-5.97 info page:
Backslash escapes
    A backslash followed by a character not listed below causes an
    error message.
         The character with the value given by OOO, which is 1 to 3
         octal digits,
         A backslash.
It didn't have 'hex' back then.  But you've broken backward compatibility.
That would normally be a regression. You like to think that I wear a tinfoil hat -- but I just have a good memory for how grep used to operate.

Maybe you should do some memory strengthening exercises (though I admit my
memory isn't what it always was, it was in this case).

Should I file this as a 2nd bug, that grep broke backward compat?

It *used* to be compatible with 'awk's regex, which is why it is the
first entry in the "See also".

Whether you do or not, they're irrelevant to this discussion and to be honest that tinfoil-hat stuff isn't helping your case.
no tinfoil hat -- just a good memory, something you might find useful to
work on!  ;-)


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