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bug#22443: new snapshot available: grep-2.22.30-e07b

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#22443: new snapshot available: grep-2.22.30-e07b
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2016 00:31:45 -0800
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Assaf Gordon wrote:
Trying to isolate it, gives (on that OpenSolaris 5.10 i86pc machine):
   $ cat 1.sh
   test -z "${host_os##os2*}"

   $ ./1.sh
   ./1.sh: bad substitution

Just a guess, but perhaps the recent OS/2 patches to gnulib are the source

Thanks for the diagnosis; your guess is correct. Apparently OpenSolaris is still using the old SunOS /bin/sh, which doesn't support parameter substitution with # or % operators, and the test that 'configure' uses for shells (generated by Autoconf) doesn't catch this POSIX incompatibility.

I installed the attached patch into gnulib, which should fix this problem when grep gets the latest gnulib version. Using traditional 'case' is easier to read for this sort of thing anyway.

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