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bug#30033: `grep --fixed-strings --regexp=…` is an annoying syntax → Int

From: H.-Dirk Schmitt
Subject: bug#30033: `grep --fixed-strings --regexp=…` is an annoying syntax → Introduce --pattern=… option
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2018 22:01:06 +0100


just a minor annoyance is that there is no alternative option name for

Together with --fixed-strings this leads to ambiguous shell scripts.

My suggestion / feature request is to add --pattern=… as alias for 

In addition I suggest the analog aliases:
  --word-pattern for --word-regexp
  --line-pattern for --line-regexp

In anticipation of the reply „Why not to use simply the short options?“
the reply:
Long options providing a readable API, and this „bug report“ is
intended to improve the readability of shell scripts.

Best Regards,

H.-Dirk Schmitt

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