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bug#42245: grep -l -c does not work like expected

From: Volker Raab
Subject: bug#42245: grep -l -c does not work like expected
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2020 14:48:53 +0200
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Hi all,

are the options "-l" and "-c" mutually incompatible?
And if so, why?

What happens:
When I enter 'grep -c search *' I get _all_ files listed with the number
of matches (many of them with appended ":0" ).
When I enter 'grep -c search *' I get a list of files which match.

When I enter 'grep -l -c search *' I still get the same result as
without '-c'. (the same happens if I exchange '-l' and '-c')

What I expect:
In the latter case I would expect to get a list of all files that match
with an appended ":xxx'  where the xxx denotes the number of matches,
none of which is ":0"

Yes, of course I can pipe the result through 'grep -v :0' but this is
clumsy and does not mend that the combination of '-l' and '-c' does not
produce the expected result.

Thanks a lot for considering this in future versions.

Best regards

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