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BUG REPORT on grohtml

From: Lester Ingber
Subject: BUG REPORT on grohtml
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 19:15:50 -0600
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                           Groff Bug Report

Please read the PROBLEMS file before sending in a bug report.

Please fill in all fields, even if you think they are not relevant.

Please delete the text in brackets before sending it in.

Please report separate bugs separately.

Send the completed form to address@hidden

[The version of groff you are using.  For example, `1.05']
1.16.1, latest CVS version as of 17 Jan 2001

[The machine you are using.  For example, `Sun SPARCstation 2']
Sun Ultra10

[The operating system you are using.  For example, `SunOS 4.1.1']
Solaris 8 10/00

[The compiler you are used to compile groff.  For example, `g++ 1.40.3']

[Include all the files necessary to reproduce the problem that are not
part of the standard groff distribution.  This includes font
description files, DESC files and macro files (with the exception of
the -ms and -mm macros: we have them).  Send them as a shell archive or
as a uuencoded, compressed tar file.

I attach ingber_test_grohtml.tar.gz
Just run `0README` in the ingber_test_grohtml/ dir. 

It's easier for us if you can provide an example that doesn't depend on
any macro package, but obviously if you're reporting a problem with a
macro package that won't be possible.  Also a short example is more
convenient than a long one, but don't worry if you can't find a short
example.  Don't say something like ``any file that X'': Always send a
definite example.]

[The command line that we should run in order to observe the bug.  For
example, `gtroff -Tps bug.tr'.  If the command line uses -ms or -mm,
say whether these refer to the groff versions or the Unix versions of
the macros.]

groff -wall -R -s -e -t -mgs -Tps markets00_highres > markets00_highres.ps
groff -wall -R -s -e -t -mgs -Thtml markets00_highres > markets00_highres.html

[What goes wrong when that command line is run?  For example, `gtroff
gets a segmentation fault', or `The output looks bad because the bar
over the x is too long and is too far over to the left.'  If you get an
error message, include it here without modification: Don't edit it to
make it more readable.]

The PostScript file is prepared OK, except for the new annoying prompt.
I'm running this via -Tps, as I assume is requested.  I get the same
warning without the -Tps, the previous default (used in 0README).

The stdout I get is:

prepare  markets00_highres.ps
         (it is advisable to invoke groff via: groff -Thtml -e)
prepare  markets00_highres.html
groff: couldn't exec pre-grohtml: No such file or directory

I get a zero-length markets00_highres.html file.

I found pre-grohtml (not installed) in groff/src/devices/grohtml and
put in /usr/local/bin, but then I got some complaint not finding finding

SUGGESTED FIX [optional]:
[If you can suggest a fix for the problem, include a context diff here. 
But don't delay sending in a bug report in the hope of finding a fix. 
Guesses about the cause of the bug are not usually helpful.]


 Prof. Lester Ingber       <address@hidden>  http://www.ingber.com/
 PO Box 06440 Sears Tower                       Chicago IL  60606-0440
 <address@hidden>    http://www.alumni.caltech.edu/~ingber/

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