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Gcc 2.97 & groff 1.16.1 ?

From: Eric Berggren
Subject: Gcc 2.97 & groff 1.16.1 ?
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 15:40:53 -0800

  I dunno enough about C++ to determine whether it's a syntax change,
tighter enforcement, or a compiler bug (or installation issue) :

font.cc: In member function `int font::get_width(int, int)':
font.cc:248: no matching function for call to 
   `font_widths_cache::font_widths_cache(int&, int&)'
font.cc:56: candidates are: font_widths_cache::font_widths_cache(const 
font.cc:226:                 font_widths_cache::font_widths_cache(int, int, 

  gcc 2.95.2 works fine (which i used to build it, and also preprocess
the font.cc file to try with 2.97, with the same results).

  anyone tried the recent gcc snapshots against this ?


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