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If Napster is not giving you what you want - you can STILL get them! Re

From: yefvpn
Subject: If Napster is not giving you what you want - you can STILL get them! Read how inside.
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 17:14:02 GMT

Napster won't let you download that "special" file?  
Well, cry no more!  Everything you want is available 
RIGHT NOW at #MP3_DEPOT on IRC; the server is 


If you are new to IRC, you are in for a real treat.  
There are none of the hassles you have with 
Napster.  You don't get half a file then never see 
the user again.  And, unlike Napster, we don't have 
a million users, each with the same 3 files!  Just 
download a database list, select your file and 
download it.  You can choose from over 50 MP3 
databases.  Our MP3 databases range from 100 
gigabytes to a terabyte¬Ö that's right, a Terrabyte 
of MP3's in ONE PLACE!  

Action_IRC is a small network, owned and operated 
By the users.  We are a friendly bunch but we 
unquestionably have the largest music library on the 
Internet.  We have 10 servers worldwide and 300 
channels.  Our selection is absolutely incredible.  
Of course we have all the modern pop, rock, and rap.  
But then we also have jazz, blues, bluegrass, country, 
classical, 50's, and anything else you are looking for.

Need speed?  Well, most of our databases are cable 
or T-1.  The servers are all megaspeed - all are on a 
fiber channel. You won't be disappointed.  And we 
have servers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, even 
Australia.  Wherever you are, there is a server close 
enough to give you top speed! 

Looking for Celtic Mouth Music?  No? Well, how 
about  Hilary Hahn, BEETHOVEN Violin Concerto 
BERNSTEIN Serenade - Aristophanes?  Or a rare
Jimmi Hendrix boot?  Frank Zappa Compositions 
by the Kronos Quartet? All of the works of Robert 
Johnson or Howlin' Wolf? Carter Family, anyone? 
Or the Library of Congress collection of great 
American folk?  Or Hank Williams demos? That 
oldie from your Senior Prom - or the newbie, 
as the case may be... we have it all. Did you 
know that the Chordettes did a female barbarshop 
album? Yeah, we got that.

But music is not all we have.  Action_IRC also has the 
largest binary library on the net.  Want movies?  Then 
visit #Movietime or #Movieland for them.  Is videos 
your thing?  Then you will want to check out 
#Musicvideos.  And don't forget to stop by #Warez4u, 
#Hotwarez, #Crackhouse, or #Gametime.

Everything you need and want, in one convenient place 
and, as a bonus, REAL NICE PPL!  Friendly chat, and 
OPS who are actually users, not pricks.  You have a real 
opportunity to pitch in and help your fellow internet 
junkies, and maybe earn OP or even IRCOP status.

So stop by and see us.  We will be waiting for you!


If you have never used IRC before, IRC is really 
easy to use.  Any of the following links will directly 
download MIRC, the program you need:


NOTE TO TECHIES: ONLY use MIRC, 5.71 or above.  
That's because you will need to load SpR, a MIRC 
script to access the databases.  It works only on 
MIRC 5.71 or higher.
Install MIRC, then look for this server:

If you can't find it, or are using an earlier version of 
MIRC (or another client) then either add this server:


or just type 

/join irc.action-irc.net

When you connect to irc.action-irc.net, a window will 
pop up with lots of channels.  Select them all 
and delete them.  
Then add this channel
You need the #.  Join that channel.  If you 
can't figure out how to add a channel, once 
you have logged into a server and get the 
welcome message, close the menu box and at 
the bottom of the page just type this:
/join #MP3_Depot
No space or other character before the /
That will bring you to our channel  From there 
just ask any question you have and someone will 
answer it.


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