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new mdoc macros available

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: new mdoc macros available
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 01:17:15 +0100 (CET)

Dear friends,

this is the official announcement of a completely rewritten version of
the mdoc macro package (done by Ruslan Ermilov and me) which will be
part of the next groff release.  I've committed it to the groff CVS
repository.  Below is the relevant snipped from the NEWS file.

Please test and enjoy!


PS: You need the gtroff of the current snapshot to run the new mdoc


o The mdoc package has been completely rewritten, using the full power
  of GNU troff to remove limitations of Unix troff (which is no longer
  supported).  Most important changes are:

  . No argument limit.
  . Almost all macros are parsable and callable (if it makes sense).
  . `.Lb': prints library names
  . `.Nm <punctuation>' now works as expected; `.Nm "" <punctuation>'
    has been withdrawn.
  . Updated `.St' command
  . `.Fx': prints FreeBSD
  . `.Ox': prints OpenBSD
  . `.Bsx': prints BSD/OS
  . `.Brq', `.Bro', `.Brc': brace enclosure macros
  . `.Bd -centered': center lines
  . `.Bl -xwidth <string>': interpret <string> and use the resulting
  . `.Ld': prints `...'
  . support for double-sided printing (-rD=1 command line switch)

  groff_mdoc.samples.man has been replaced with
  groff_mdoc.reference.man which completely documents the mdoc

  Great care has been taken to assure backwards compatibility.  If you
  encounter any abnormal results, please report them to

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