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software outsourcing and onsite develoment

From: S . Ragothaman
Subject: software outsourcing and onsite develoment
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 15:03:37

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We introduce ourself as Zygox Software Pvt Ltd.,  an Indo-US-Japanese based 
software company with more than 1200 manmonths of software expertise in 
telecom datacom,client server and web technologies and with centers at 
Bangalore , India , at California, USA and at Tokyo , Japan.

Zygox offers software solutions that are designed to meet the client 
at various levels of software engineering. Based on different level of 
participation we categorize the services offered as project work, consulting 
work, offshore developemnt ,lab on hire or turnkey solutions.Our software 
services and products are based on the Internet technology framework. The 
company provides development services in N-tier application/product 
GUI intensive client/server systems and in Telecommunications / Data 

Zygox with license arrangement from NEC - Japan has a series of products 
in biometrics for law enforcement and commercial applications. Zygox is 
one of the first company in India to develop thin client based bank automation 
software, which can virtually run on any net appliance without any dependency 
on a specific operating system

Zygox has a development center in Bangalore – India and is a registered 
private limited company under the government of India software technology 
parks (STP) scheme. The scheme provides many benefits - some of which help 
the company to import high technology equipment's and an income tax moratorium 
for five to ten year period. This division has over 100 developers who 
are experts in client/server, e-commerce and telecommunications / data 

The Zygox Santa Clara facility located in the Silicon Valley of USA is 
involved in marketing, development and consulting activities. The facility 
has over 50 engineers/consultants engaged in e-commerce, Telecommunications 
applications and product development for US based clients. 

Zygox has acquired equity in Accura Corporation, Inc. of Japan, Zygox reaches 
Japan based clients through this company. 

 Technology focus

Zygox's products and service are of focus are in the following fields of 
software technology: 

N-tier systems: the business products / applications: which use the web 
technology framework to define an open standard, distributed, platform 
independent applications which can run on any net enabled devices.
GUI intensive & component based client / server system: the products and 
applications in the area of imaging, data manipulations, and application 
which use the component technologies.
Telecom & Datacom systems & applications: This area includes services in 
Network Management solutions, protocol stack development, Switching, signaling 
systems, application development and in mobile/wireless technologies. 
We are looking for partners who would be interested in working with us 
 in project work, consulting work, offshore developemnt ,lab on hire or 
turnkey solutions.. Please keep in touch with us if you need any other 
details and we would be pleased to revert back . On requet we could further 
communicate to you with more information on our capabilities and expertise 
in our domain areas

We invite you to visit our website at www.zygox.com for some more information.

Asst. Manager Marketing
Zygox Software Pvt Ltd
575/A 1st Main Indira Nagar
Banglaore 560 038
Tel : 080 5286051/6763
Fax : 080 5286052
Mob : 98441 35891
Url : www.zygox.com


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