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groff error message

From: jih
Subject: groff error message
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 13:53:10 -0400 (EDT)


I got the following error message when running groff:
        groff: can't find `DESC' file
        groff: fatal error: invalid device `ps'

I have the following aliases to do typesetting.
The output is written to a PostScript file called ps.look. 
The Helvetica font is what I often use.
        a look  'groff -t -e -Tps -fH -me \!* > ps.look'
        #a look 'tbl \!* | eqn | groff -Tps -f H -me > ps.look'
        #a look 'gtbl \!* | geqn | groff -me -Tps -f H -me > ps.look'
        #a look 'groff -me -t -e -fH \!* > ps.look'
A sample typesetting input file is attached below:
        cat << eof > test_input
.nr pp 16
.po 1.00i
.ll 6.25i
.ps 16
.vs 25
.bl 2
.ls 1 
.ce 1
.ps +2
.u "Testing GNU groff typesetting routine"
.ps -2
.sp 0.1i
.ip \(bu
.vs 25
I want to watch a shuttle launch on the beach...
.ip \(bu
.vs 25
Dream on...

It appears like groff was expecting to find the file DESC and failed...

Any suggestion would be appreciated...

Rongsong Jih

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