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Re: Problem in png generation of groff-1.17.2

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: Problem in png generation of groff-1.17.2
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 08:09:39 +0200 (CEST)

> INPUT FILES: /usr/share/man/man7/groff.7.gz
> COMMAND LINE: zcat /usr/share/man/man7/groff.7.gz | \
>                 groff -Thtml > groff.html

Your are missing -man and -t, aren't you?

>       The png files (groff-html-1-2913.png, groff-html-2-2913.png,
>       groff-html-3-2913.png) are not created.
>       This didn't happen with 1.16.1

And it doesn't happen with the current snapshot.  Please test.

Nevertheless, it shows up another ugly bug in groff.man: After the
first table, there is `.hy', producing incorrect hyphenation with
-Thtml.  This is fixed now in the CVS.

Oh, oh.  This manual page shows up a *lot* of bugs in grohtml (or in
man's support for html).  Gaius, there is some work for you :-)

  . It seems that we finally need a mechanism to really disable .hy
    and .nh while creating HTML output.  Almost two years ago this has
    been discussed on the groff mailing list, and my proposal was to
    implement a new request .mhy (master hyphenation).  If off,
    settings of .nh and .hy take no effect.  [There were similar
    suggestions to implement .mnf and .mna to control .nf and .na...]

    Comments?  If there isn't any better suggestion, I'll do that.

  . As a temporary fix, I'm using environments like this, replacing
    the original `.na .nh <table> .ad .hy' constructions:

      .I groff
      added the following operators for numerical expressions:
      .ev groff.man
      center, tab(@);
      LfCB Lw(4i).
      e1\f(CB>address@hidden maximum of \f(CIe1\fP and \f(CIe2\fP.
      e1\f(CB<address@hidden minimum of \f(CIe1\fP and \f(CIe2\fP.
      Evaluate \f(CIe\fP using \f(CIc\fP as the default scaling  
      For details see the groff info file.

    If you interchange the final `.LP' and .ev' lines, groff fails to
    properly recognize the end of the table...

  . Any reason why man's .LP command doesn't produce a small vertical
    space in grohtml output?

  . If I have a list like

       1.  This is a test.

       2.  This is another test.

    I get this in HTML which looks really, really ugly:

           This is a test.
           This is another test.

    Another incarnation of this bug can be seen in the `Warnings'

      all group


    `group' should be indented as deep as `4'.

  . Please look at the paragraph describing `"' (in section `Control
    Characters').  Macros using `\(dq' are failing completely.  `\(rs'
    doesn't work also as a macro parameter...

    Reason for that trouble is apparently .eo, used to define all
    macros in this man page.  Somehow grohtml doesn't handle this

    Maybe this is the reason for missing vertical space also?  Or is
    this caused by something completely different?


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