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Can we help you find more customers?

From: L5 Software Development
Subject: Can we help you find more customers?
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 16:30:10 -0400 (EDT)


Do you have too many customers, too much traffic on your Web site, or what?
Then you need MCspider(tm) !! 

MCspider(tm) is a business tool for collecting email addresses from Web pages 
that meet a user-defined set of criteria.  Using this program, an email address 
list can be constructed to reach a particular audience.  With MCspider(tm), you 
can build a list of potential customers that is specific to your business by 
controlling where and how it searches for addresses.  When connected to the 
Internet through a cable modem or other reasonably high-speed connection, 
MCspider(tm) will visit thousands of pages per hour in search of customers for 
your business.  Since it collects email addresses from publicly available Web 
sites, you know potential recipients have published their address for the world 
to know.  You should therefore be able to contact them with little fear of SPAM 

MCspider(tm) is a multi-threaded, fully user configurable Windows application 
with a complete Help system.  It records the Web pages it visits, in addition 
to the email addresses it found.  You can therefore rest assured the list it 
produces is "clean" of duplicates, and that it won't waste time repeatedly 
looking at the same page for new addresses when it's already found them. 

MCspider(tm) is guaranteed to perform substantially as is described in its 
documentation, and on its Web page.  Note that this is different from what 
seems to have become an "industry standard" - the practice of selling software 
"as-is," without any warranty.  (Have you really read any of the license 
agreements for software you purchased recently?)  Only by purchasing software 
from vendors who offer to stand behind their products with a viable warranty 
can you, the consumer, do anything to combat the proliferation of the 
"crapware" so common in today's marketplace.

MCspider(tm) was officially released on October 5, 2001 for US$ 249.00 per 
copy.  However, because of some technical problems with our ordering system, we 
have decided to extend our pre-release offer until October 20:  Any paid orders 
received before that date will be granted a 60% discount - only US$ 99.00 per 
copy.  Please be advised this offer is definitely going to expire at the end of 
the day Oct. 19.

Act now!  Don't miss out on this special offer!  Go to <A 
HREF="http://L5Software.com/go?MCspider";> http://L5Software.com/go?MCspider 
</A> to order your pre-release priced copy today!

In case you're wondering how we got your email address, MCspider(tm) found it 
in one of the searches we had it do.  The program does work, and quite well!

If you want to be excluded from future mailings by L5Software.com, please go to 
<A HREF="http://L5Software.com/cgibin/address@hidden";> 
http://L5Software.com/cgibin/address@hidden </A> to add your address to our 
list of blocked email addresses.

L5 Software Development - "out of this world" sites and software

MCspider(tm), crawling the World Wide Web for customers
        <A HREF="http://www.L5Software.com/go?MCspider";> 
http://www.L5Software.com/go?MCspider </A>
ThmIndxr(tm), the *only* HTML thumbnail/indexer you need!
        <A HREF="http://www.L5Software.com/go?ThmIndxr";> 
http://www.L5Software.com/go?ThmIndxr </A>
wCapLock(tm), makes CapsLock work like it does on a typewriter
        <A HREF="http://www.L5Software.com/go?wCapLock";> 
http://www.L5Software.com/go?wCapLock </A>
BannerAds(tm), join multiple affiliate programs with one banner
        <A HREF="http://www.L5Software.com/go?BannerAds";> 
http://www.L5Software.com/go?BannerAds </A>
KeywordGo(tm), provides keyword access to your popular pages
        <A HREF="http://www.L5Software.com/go?KeywordGo";> 
http://www.L5Software.com/go?KeywordGo </A>


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