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(For American Citizen only) Will Anyone Dare to Ask Why?

From: David Duke
Subject: (For American Citizen only) Will Anyone Dare to Ask Why?
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 19:52:22 +0300

 (For American Citizen only) Will Anyone Dare to Ask Why?

By David Duke, National President
European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO)
Thursday, September 13, 2001

In America, we have a big problem right now.

We have just experienced the shock and agony of the most spectacular and
deadly terror attack in modern history. Like an almost surreal scene from a
Hollywood movie, hijacked passenger planes were flown directly into the New
York World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington. Thousands of
Americans were maimed and killed. The costs might even go over the one
trillion dollar mark. It may even lead to an American and worldwide

These terrible acts of terrorism must be fought with every ounce of American
resolve. And those who commit such heinous acts must be punished to the
fullest extent of the law. No such act must ever be permitted on American

But, unless we understand the why of these acts, we can never completely
prevent such acts in the future. For every nation is vulnerable, and always
will be, to those who are willing to sacrifice their lives to kill others.

All Americans must ask ourselves why we are now suffering such terror.

When a clock stops, we ask why?

Is it not plugged in? Is the battery dead? Is it broken? If so, why?

When you have a problem, if you don't ask why and get some answers, and then
act on them, it will persist. Maybe it will even become a lot worse.

The Zionist-dominated media has provided us in living color the gory details
of this bloody attack on the American people. They have even told us who
might be behind it, but so far they have carefully avoided giving an
understandable reason for why the attack took place.

Calling the attackers "cowards" is, of course, untrue. The terrorists
committed an indescribably horrible and ruthless act against the American
people, but certainly they are not cowards. Kamikazes may be misguided, but
sacrificing one's own life for a cause has never been called cowardice. And
using words such as cowards or madmen doesn't answer the question of why
these horrendous acts occurred, unless one thinks every coward and madman
wants to blow up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Those descriptions help prevent people from discovering the reason why the
event actually occurred. And, if we want to prevent such occurrences from
happening in the future, it is absolutely vital that to understand "why."

Maybe a good question to ask is why these "crazy," "cowardly," Arabs never
attack Switzerland or Sweden? What could it be that these countries do, or
don't do that causes them to be ignored while we are targeted.

The cause of this terrorism is our involvement in and support of the
criminal behavior of Israel.

You see, the Palestinians and many of their Arab allies have been the target
of a half-century of unrelenting Israeli terrorism. Israel took over
Palestine and drove out over 800,000 people from their homes through
horrendous acts of terrorism. Among those acts was the sadistic massacre of
over 250 Palestinian old men, women and children at Deir Yassin. After the
bloodletting, the Jews then purposely publicized the event so as to make the
people flee in panic from their homes and businesses from which they still
haven't been allowed to return.

The terror also was applied to the British, such as the horrendous bombing
of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

It has not stopped since. Israel has more prisoners per capita than any
other nation of the world, more than Stalinist Russia, or Red China during
their worst periods. It routinely tortures its Palestinian prisoners, and is
in fact the only nation in the modern world that legally sanctions torture.

Israel has targeted and assassinated thousands of Palestinian leaders, and
this includes scholars, clerics, businessmen, philosophers and poets, anyone
who inspires the Palestinian people to restoration of their homeland. These
assassinations have occurred all over the world, even in the United States.
In the process, they have killed many thousands of women and children. They
have even repeatedly bombed Palestinian refugee camps packed with women and

Not only did they establish their Israeli state over Palestinian land, the
Jews took the Palestinians' personal property: their land, farms, homes and
businesses. After driving out the Palestinian refugees and refusing their
return, they then passed an "abandonment land" law that gave it to the Jews.

In 1980's Israel killed an estimated 40,000 civilians as it invaded the
nation of Lebanon and relentlessly bombed and attacked cities and villages,
including the ancient and beautiful city of Beirut.

The current Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, oversaw the massacre of
thousands of refugees in the Shatila and camps in Lebanon.

Israel blew up a Libyan passenger airliner over the Sinai Peninsula killing
hundreds of civilians.

And it is has not just been the Palestinians who have suffered Israeli

Americans have too.

In 1967, Israel attacked with unmarked jet fighters and torpedo boats, the
U.S.S. Liberty, an American Navy vessel off the Sinai Peninsula, even
machine-gunning the deployed life rafts of the ship.

Every Palestinian and Arab is aware that Israel's half century of terror
could never have occurred without the active financial, military, and
diplomatic support of the United States. They know that the Jewish Lobby has
dominant control of American Mideast Policy and even Congress on issues
important to them. The Zionist control can be illustrated by the fact that
they were even able to prevent a formal Congressional investigation into
Israel's brutal attack on an American ship.

They know that almost every bomb that kills their people comes from America,
Every bullet, every tank, every fighter plane, is manufactured or paid for
by American dollars. It is America's billions of dollars of support that
have enabled the Jewish state to terrorize the Arab people for half a

That is why the Arabs hate us; and that is why they are trying to strike
back at us. That is why we will continue to be vulnerable to men who
willingly give up their lives to avenge their people.


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