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page width vs. .tl command

From: Lukasz Stelmach
Subject: page width vs. .tl command
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 00:58:38 +0100
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Well actually it is not a problem but doesnt look good.

I use Linux with a frame buffer set to 800x600 pixels, which gives
100x37 characters. When groff formats man pages it is a little bit
confused by terminal width. The text is quite nicey formated with proper
margins at both sides but the header looks like at 80 characters wide

===Whatch this===
LS(1)                          FSF                          LS(1)

       ls - list directory contents

       ls [OPTION]... [FILE]...

       List  information about the FILEs (the current directory by default).  
Sort entries
       alphabetically if none of -cftuSUX nor --sort.


Now. I have found that .tl command/function is responsible for
formatting title line (also footer is narrower). And before any data
from the man page get to groff 'man' echos something like this

.ll 9.0i
.pl 1100i

to groff's stdin. As far as i have found this has something to do with
page width but it doesn't affect header and footer :-(

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