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Groff patch for correct HTML

From: Paul Sheer
Subject: Groff patch for correct HTML
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 09:38:26 +0200

Hi there

the groff output to HTML produces text so hideous as to be

I have tested the attached patch with netscape, konqueror, and
mozilla and it produces correctly formatted output that is as
similar to the DVI output as possible (which I belive is the
goal here).

the patch makes four changes:
        - it uses a wide shallow table to affect an ".sp" giving
                much finer control than merely ending a paragraph.
                previously, certain vspace was ommitted altogether.
        - it indents properly. indentation is difficult with html
                because it must vary according to the current
                document zoom. the method i use works correctly
                in this respect, by using   characters to
                set the column width.
        - uses <b><font size=+...> to do headings instead of
                <H...> tags to get finer control of spacing.
        - sets the default bg colour to white

note that the resulting html does not work with
gnome-help-browser, although the gtkhtml widget is
broken with respect to anything but simple paragraphs

please let me know if you use the patch

best wishes


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