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Please CONFIRM your SUBSCRIPTION to our list

From: SubscribeMail
Subject: Please CONFIRM your SUBSCRIPTION to our list
Date: 13 Dec 2001 02:30:26 -0000

You have been imported into the "Internet Success: The Whole Truth" mailing 

Below is a description of the list:

Why not succeed? 

Everything you need to succeed on the internet. 

WIN Free Advertising, watch your email for details.

To finish the process of activating your membership, please either copy and 
paste the URL below into your browser, or if it shows up as a link, just click 
it. Be sure to include the entire URL.




Please make sure the ENTIRE URL above is highlited. If not, copy and paste into 
your browser.

If you do not know anything about this just ignore this message and you will 
not be added to our mail list.

Thank you,

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