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mis-formatting of leading spaces

From: Rich Morin
Subject: mis-formatting of leading spaces
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 15:09:30 -0800

Report bugs to address@hidden

This seems to be a bug in groff's handling of the XA/XS macros,
but it may go deeper than that.

Include a complete, self-contained example that will allow the bug
to be reproduced,

% cat bug
# bug - explicate a groff bug
#  When an XA/XS entry is broken between two lines and
#       the second line starts with leading spaces and
#       the following text begins in Courier font,
#  the leading spaces get interpreted as being in Courier.
# Written by Rich Morin <address@hidden>, CFCL, 2002.01.29

cat <<'EOT' > bug.tr
.XS 1
This text is not indented.
     This text is indented a little.
.XA 2
This text is not indented.
     \fCThis text\fR is indented a lot.
.XA 3
\fCThis text is not indented.\fR
     This text is indented a little.
.XA 4
\fCThis text is not indented.\fR
     \fCThis text\fR is indented a lot.

groff -s -p -ms < bug.tr > bug.ps

and say which version of groff you are using.

%groff -v
GNU troff version 1.15
email: address@hidden; phone: +1 650-873-7841
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