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From: Mila Kuchta
Subject: None
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 17:44:29 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.3i

...\"   synopsis:  .P! <file.ps>
.de P!
.fl                     \" force out current output buffer
...\" the following is from Ken Flowers -- it prevents dictionary overflows
\\!/tempdict 200 dict def tempdict begin
.fl                     \" prolog
.sy cat \\$1\" bring in postscript file
...\" the following line matches the tempdict above
\\!end % tempdict %
.sp \\$2u       \" move below the image
.de pF
.ie     \\*(f1 .ds f1 \\n(.f
.el .ie \\*(f2 .ds f2 \\n(.f
.el .ie \\*(f3 .ds f3 \\n(.f
.el .ie \\*(f4 .ds f4 \\n(.f
.el .tm ? font overflow
.ft \\$1
.de fP
.ie     !\\*(f4 \{\
.       ft \\*(f4
.       ds f4\"
'       br \}
.el .ie !\\*(f3 \{\
.       ft \\*(f3
.       ds f3\"
'       br \}
.el .ie !\\*(f2 \{\
.       ft \\*(f2
.       ds f2\"
'       br \}
.el .ie !\\*(f1 \{\
.       ft \\*(f1
.       ds f1\"
'       br \}
.el .tm ? font underflow
.ds f1\"
.ds f2\"
.ds f3\"
.ds f4\"
ldap is the lightweight directory access 
protocol.  It provides access to an X.500 directory, or to a stand-alone 
LDAP server.  
You can use the ldap kioslave as follows:  
\fBldap://host:port/ou=People,o=where,c=de??sub\fP for a subtree-query  
\fBldap://host:port/cn=MM,ou=People,o=where,c=de??base\fP for a complete 

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