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Re: groff (troff/eqn) problems on Mac OS X 10.2

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: groff (troff/eqn) problems on Mac OS X 10.2
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 22:33:57 +0200 (CEST)

>       (A) groff 1.17.2 as installed by Apple on OS X 10.2
>       (B) groff 1.18.2 as installed by myself using gcc (source from
>               groff-current of 1 April 2003)
>       (C) groff 1.18.2 as installed by myself using g++2 (as suggested in
>               the response to my previous post).
>       My test script is, for (A)
> cat text.ms | eqn -Tps > tmpte
> cat tmpte | troff -ms  > tmpt.ps

This can be simplified to

  groff -e -ms text.ms > tmpt.ps

> and for (B) and (C):
> cat text.ms | groff-current/src/preproc/eqn/eqn -Tps > tmpte
> cat tmpte |
> groff-current/src/roff/troff/troff -ms -Fgroff-current/font 
> -Mgroff-current/tmac > tmpt.ps

For uninstalled groff versions you should use test-groff script:

  test-groff -e -ms text.ms > tmpt.ps

> For (A) and (B), troff is unable to digest some very long lines
> (beginning with .as 10 ....) that are output by eqn.  The error
> message is
>       <standard input>:23: warning [p 1, 3.4i]: can't break line

This warning is not caused by overlong input lines.  It is related to

> For (C) troff does not produce any error messages, but the output is
> certainly not correct PostScript; I append the input text and part
> of the output below.

I get exactly the same fragments, so I need full output for further

Please use the current CVS snapshot and send me the results of

  test-groff -ww -e -ms text.ms > text.ps 2> text.ps.log
  test-groff -Z -ww -e -ms text.ms > text.ps.tr


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