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Re: Bugs in the groff-1.18.1 Info file

From: Hallvard B Furuseth
Subject: Re: Bugs in the groff-1.18.1 Info file
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 23:22:36 +0200

Werner LEMBERG writes:
>> Node 'Predefined man strings' has spurious []'s around the names.
> What do you mean here?  I can't see a problem.

It says:

 - String: \*[S]
     Switch back to the default font size.

 - String: \*[R]
     The `registered' sign.

 - String: \*[Tm]
     The `trademark' sign.

 - String: \*[lq]
 - String: \*[rq]
     Left and right quote.  This is equal to `\(lq' and `\(rq',

I tried those, they don't work.  But now I tried without []'s and that
doesn't always work either:

foo \s-2NULL\*[S] bar
  prints 'foo' in normal font, followed by 'NULLS] bar' in smaller font.
foo \s-2NULL\*S bar
  works as expected: foo and bar in normal font, NULL in smaller font.

\*[R] \*[Tm] \*[lq] foo \*[rq]
  prints 'R] Tm] lq] foo rq]'.
\*R \*Tm \*lq foo \*rq \(lq bar \(rq
  prints '® m q foo q " bar "' (the last ""'s are left and right), which
  isn't what I expected either.  But that looks like a groff bug, not a
  documentation bug.  Only \*S and \*Tm work as expected.


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