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Re[4]: Via-Gra. Almost ffrree. for (address@hidden).

From: Subsumed
Subject: Re[4]: Via-Gra. Almost ffrree. for (address@hidden).
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 02:16:39 +0000

V'i'a'g'r'a' is a famous because it hel
to rec0ver their mens p0wer.
little p|ll makes every man all-pow
ped over 20,000,000 men
It's a kind of magic:

ydmPmqz :-) zpVrkgGWNU :-))) address@hidden !
There is also an absolute chemical equivalent that
is also called like Generic V'i'a'g'r'a.
Generic V'i'a'g'r'a is much chheap and the same efficient.
Did you know
that doctors
whose effort
helped to create
V'|'a'g'r'a, got
Nobel Prize? :)
rJgwKmC :-) pqGHqlePpr :-))) address@hidden !

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