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Re: Groff box printing error

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: Groff box printing error
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 22:20:35 +0200 (CEST)

> We have a problem with printing a box with test in it.  Does anyone
> have generic commands to draw a box, with text in it.

Please send an example, explaining what you want to do.

> Also what does the invis command do with the groff command?

>From the grops manpage:

  \X'ps: invis'
  \X'ps: endinvis'
         No  output  will be generated for text and drawing commands that
         are bracketed  with  these  \X  commands.   These  commands  are
         intended for use when output from troff will be previewed before
         being processed with grops; if the previewer is unable  to  dis-
         play  certain characters or other constructs, then other substi-
         tute characters or constructs can  be  used  for  previewing  by
         bracketing them with these \X commands.

         For  example,  gxditview  is  not  able to display a proper \(em
         character because the standard X11 fonts do not provide it; this
         problem can be overcome by executing the following request

           .char \(em \X'ps: invis'\
           \Z'\v'-.25m'\h'.05m'\D'l .9m 0'\h'.05m''\
           \X'ps: endinvis'\(em

         In this case, gxditview will be unable to display the \(em char-
         acter and will draw the line, whereas grops will print the  \(em
         character  and  ignore  the  line  (this code is already in file
         Xps.tmac which will  be loaded if a document intended  for grops
         is previewed with gxditview).

Normally, you won't need this except you prepare documents to be
displayed on various output devices.


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