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From: bello usman
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 13:15:05 +0200


>From the desk of
Bello Usman chairMan
Contract Award Commitee
Telephone 234-805-6570330
Reply me this my Alternatrve
How are you today,hope fine?
 I got your mail through my research in the chamber of
I am the ChairMan (CEO)With the contract award
commitee in  Nigeria,and we have since been looking
for the next of kin to the late contractor  by name Engr
Sadiq of saudi Arabia who died in a motor accident,
before his death he has a balance payment of us$15.5
miliion to be paid to him for  contract executed
with the Nigeria National Electric Power Authority. We
could not find  any of his relative who can come to
claim his contract payment neither his next of kin,cos he
left no trace.
So i want to seek your indulgence to make a deal with you
so that i can now
arange and send my report that i have found you as the
next of kin for these fund to be paid to you as
his next of kin.
I have arranged for all the necessary document in a
file that i will immediately build up with your name
to claim this fund,and as soon as this fund is
transfered into your account i will then travell to
meet you.
All i need is your full name and a bank account,if
possible  you can open up a new account specially for this
then send  to me the banking details for me to forward to
concerned department for the transfer of this fund.  
Also i need your phone and fax number for easy
communication and to facilitate this transfer.
I have maped out 20% for you, for your assistance to
receive this fund into your account and for other 
necessery expenceses that we might procure in this
NOTE:This transaction is risk free as all the legal
documents are in place to back your claim.Any name i
foward in as the next of kin,will be unquestionable
cos i am the director mandated for contractors payment
and has the sole responibility  to fetch out the next
of kin to the deceased in question.
 This payment IS arranged to take place at the
same time now that our foreign contractors are
now receiving payment.
I also will advice you to make it remain confidential
till you recieve this fund into your account ,for
 the security of this fund 
hope to read from you

yours sincerely
Bello Usman
ChairMan (CEO) contract award commitee 

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