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Computer Specials

Subject: Computer Specials
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 17:51:23 -0600

Weekly Computer Specials


415 N. 66th Street Suite 3 | Lincoln, NE | (402) 466-1455 http://www.de-tech.com

Are U Having Problems with your system?
Is your system running Slow?
Your PC may be infected if you have ever downloaded screensavers, music, games, video clips, images, and even those "smiley face" icons that have been going around the past few months.
Advertisers/Hackers offer these screensavers, music, games, etc. for free in order to legally "trick" consumers into installing their AdWare and SpyWare programs.

Beware Fake Anti-Spyware Programs
Recently, a customer was surfing on his business computer when a message warned him that spyware had been detected and he urgently needed software to remove it. He clicked, unleashing a vicious program masquerading as anti-spyware but that was actually a parasite program that ran constantly, locking up his entire system.
This program did everything possible to prevent its removal. It blocked the downloading of genuine anti-spyware software; it substituted one of its own advertising pop-up pages every time the browser was opened; it prevented the download of pop-up blocking software; and much more. The PC became so deeply infected that its programs no longer ran normally and the unit had to be professionally debugged.

We at D&E Technical Service Inc. Are Aware/Spyware & Virus
Removal Experts.

Our Computer Diagnostics will detect Spyware/Adware & Virus’s and SAFELY remove them from your system.
If you think that you may have become a victim or your system just seems slow lately, then give us a call @
We Do In-House & On-Site Service @ You Home Or Place Of Business

$71.77 80 GIG
$92.80 120 GIG



Samsung 80 GB IDE Hard Drive

  • 7200 RPM
  • Ultra 133
  • Fluid dynamic bearing
  • Fast and reliable data transmission
    Samsung 120 GB IDE Hard Drive
  • 7200 RPM
  • Ultra 133
  • Fluid dynamic bearing
  • Fast and reliable data transmission 

ONLY $55.25
(Lifetime Warranty)

Sempron 2400+ Holiday Special


Broadway ATX Mid-Tower W/420 Watt P/S & Extra Cooling Fan
ECS KM-400 Duron / Athlon Motherboard
AMD Sempron 2400+ CPU & Cooling Fan
( Retail Boxed CPU—3 Year Warranty )
Kingston 128 Meg DDR Memory PC 2700 333 MHz
1.44 High Density
Floppy Drive
Seagate 80 Gig 7200 RPM IDE Hard Drive
( 5 Year Warranty )
52 X 32 X 52 CDR/CDRW Drive
104 Enhanced Windows
Keyboard, Optical 3 Button Mouse
Integrated AGP Video, PCI 6 Channel Enhanced Sound Card
Integrated 10/100 Ethernet Controller

ONLY $399.00

While Supplies Last
Prices & Hardware are subject to change without notice



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