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pic and gpresent with groff-1.19.1

From: Zvezdan Petkovic
Subject: pic and gpresent with groff-1.19.1
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 20:33:23 -0500
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I tried groff-1.19.1 recently but had to give up because of its clashes
with gpresent.  First, it didn't work with small EPS logo at the bottom
of my presentations.  Bob Diertens, a very helpful and responsive author
of gpresent, had fixed that problem with the patch attached below.
(The patch towards the version of presentps on his web page
from February 2004)

However, the next problem couldn't be resolved with presentps and is
obviously changed behaviour (bug?) introduced in groff-1.19.x
Please find attached a tar file with two extracted pages from my
presentation which demonstrate the problem.
The file present.pdf_groff-1.19.1 demonstrates the wrong behaviour,
where every time after a PAUSE the pic line is offset instead of staying
in place.
The file present.pdf_groff- demonstrates the correct behaviour
obtained with groff-

The problem was tested on Red Hat Linux 9, SuSE Linux 9.1,
and OpenBSD 3.6 (just type make to create a PDF file).
I hope this will present a good test case to locate the source of the
I shall continue working with groff- until then.

Best regards,

        Zvezdan Petkovic

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